Sean’s Food Vanilla Cupcakes with Frosting (DISCONTINUED)


I recently discovered a fantastic little company called Sean’s Food. The founder, Jennifer Becker (Sean’s mother as you may have guessed) creates an array of whole food based treats (cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cakes, and more) that are dairy-free (lactose-free / casein-free), gluten-free, and soy-free. But going beyond many GFCF bakeries, Sean’s Food also has many grain-free treats, and they can accommodate those who need foods that are free from egg, sugar, corn, rice and potato too!

Beyond dairy-free, it was the grain-free goodies and wholesome sweeteners used (ie honey, maple syrup, and agave) that roped me in personally. Plus, I loved the lack of tofu and soymilk, allowing my husband’s soy sensitive stomach to enjoy the treats too. In fact, we started with one of his favorite desserts, cupcakes.

I don’t usually like traditional cupcakes, or cake for that matter, but I adored these Vanilla Cupcakes. Upon first site, I feared they would be dense and heavy, but to the contrary they had a very light and delicate crumb. On top of this, they were moist and heavenly, not the least bit dry. And, unlike so many gluten-free baked goods, these cupcakes were not the least bit crumbly.

GFCF Vanilla Cupcakes from Sean's Foods

As for the flavor, it was a unique combination of sweet and savory with just a hint of vanilla that hit my taste buds just right, and provided the perfect medium for their sweet vanilla frosting. I really liked that these were not over-the-top sweet. If only my parents would have started me with cupcakes like these rather than over-sugared ones from a box, then I may have liked cake much better!

GFCF Vanilla Cupcakes from Sean's Foods

Since Sean’s Food touts so much natural goodness, it would be great if they had a more natural frosting (perhaps with a coconut oil or cashew base) to compliment their sweets. Nonetheless, the frosting was of course tasty, and we received a generous amount with the 6 cupcakes. So much in fact that I was able to make some sandwich cookies with it …

I really was amazed that the cupcakes made the journey in such good shape, considering how delicate they were. But they did arrive safely and beautifully packaged, along with three separate containers of frosting. The bows and affixed "homemade" sticker were definitely a nice, personal touch.

Vanilla Cupcakes (with organic ingredients): eggs, agave, sunflower oil, coconut flour, vanilla, sea salt and baking soda

Vanilla Frosting (with organic ingredients): Spectrum shortening, vanilla, powdered sugar (contains tapioca starch), water


This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook. For more information and to purchase these and other free-from baked goodies, see the Sean's Food Website.

GFCF Vanilla Cupcakes from Sean's Foods

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