Soleil’s Organic Glazing Sauce (DISCONTINUED)


I love all things BBQ, but this sauce literally ‘wowed’ me (for lack of a more enthusiastic word).  Though intended as a glaze for meat, fish, and vegetables, I kept finding excuses to sample it straight.  Soleil’s Glazing Sauce has a marvelously sweet and smoky flavor followed by a relatively tame spicy aftertaste; that is when compared to the other sauces from Nanny’s Jamaican Kitchen.

When used “properly” this sauce is poured over your entrée and baked until done.  From the jar it is very thin, but as it cooks it morphs into a thick and sticky glaze.  Without a doubt, Soleil’s Glazing Sauce makes absolutely perfect, crowd-pleasing chicken wings.  My heat-loving husband gave them two thumbs up, while I enjoyed the BBQ flavor that wasn’t overpowered by chili peppers.  For vegans, I would not hesitate to recommend this as a glaze for tofu or as Nanny suggests, potatoes.  Frankly, I would put it on just about anything!

  • Pros:  Certified USDA organic; Vegan; Very low in calories and fat; Popular flavor – sweet, smoky, and spicy; Easy to use
  • Cons: It is not yet sold on Nanny’s website, as well, we are hoping they put up some recipes for this sauce on their site soon

Recommended For:

  • Chicken Wings
  • Baked Meat (preferably pork or chicken), Fish, Tofu, or Vegetables
  • Thickened for a Sticky BBQ Dip

Where to Buy:

  • Online – check back, we are hoping to see it at soon
    In Stores – Throughout the U.S.

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