Summer Fresh Pestoz (DISCONTINUED)


I recently got to try some of the spreads made by Summer Fresh. They have a wide range of products, but beware- Many of their pestos contain dairy, and if you venture further through their product line, some of their soups and salads aren’t even vegetarian.

Although I wouldn’t call either of these two spreads “pesto” they are nonetheless labeled as Artichoke Pestoz and Peri Peri Pestoz, respectively. The artichoke version is certainly no looker, a pale greenish yellow shade and a bit lumpy, but the flavor makes up for its cosmetic failings. Singing out with pure artichoke flavor, this veggie is clearly the star of the show here, and it’s not sharing the spotlight with any other lesser ingredients. I think it would be awesome as a dip at a party, perhaps warmed up with a bit of Teese melted over the top. Talk about delicious!

Somewhat intimidated by the dark, fiery red peri peri, I knew that this stuff would be hot before even cracking the lid. When the label itself warns “hot” in no unclear terms, you’ve got to think that this stuff has some serious fire power. Looking much like chili paste with a bit of oil that stubbornly refuses to stay incorporated, just a whiff of this stuff tells volumes of its intensity. Taking the tiniest bite of this on top of a cracker, my mouth was instantly lit on fire, and the heat did not dissipate easily. I would recommend this only for real hot-heads who love serious spice, but it could also be a great ingredient in some hot dishes, where it could be dispersed more evenly to lessen the intensity.

Where to Purchase: Summer Fresh is a Canadian company, so their products are most widely available in Cananda, however, they are popping up in stores within the U.S.  This is a third party review by Go Dairy Free, for more information, see the Summer Fresh Website.

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