Sunland Peanut Better Organic Hickory Smoked Peanut Butter (DISCONTINUED)

Please Note: This brand was formerly known as just "Peanut Better" but it is now sold under the Sunland name, but with the same formulas.

Hickory Smoked Peanut BetterThough I have been very impressed with the Peanut Better line thus far, I must say that the Hickory Smoked flavor did not impress.  While it may show some versatility in barbecue style recipes, it was not a stand-alone flavor in my opinion. 

As I cracked open the jar, it exuded a truly smoky scent.  Noticeably separated, yet too well packed to stir, I removed the contents to a separate bowl, and was able to mix the solid peanut butter and oil back to its intended combined state.  After returning the now consistent peanut butter to the jar, I spread a generous knife-full on a freshly toasted slice of bread.  

The texture was very thick, yet smooth, with spikes of peanuts throughout.  The peanuts pieces were so small, that I hesitate to call this peanut butter chunky.  However, they did add some interest to this otherwise creamy spread.  My first taste was a confirmation that the aroma wasn’t a false alarm.  The peanut butter had a potent smoke flavor that really didn’t meld well with the nutty background.  I found it to be strong, a touch bitter, and almost smoky to the point of tasting “dirty.”  In this respect, it really didn’t work for me as a sandwich spread.

If you like to adventure with barbecue recipes, I could see some valid use for this peanut butter.  Perhaps some homemade barbecue sauce, or even that “secret recipe” chili would be a good medium for this purely smoke and peanut combination.  As someone who has never been that big on barbecue-style food, I will probably stick with the other Peanut Better flavors.

My Extra Notes & Tips:

  • Be sure to turn the volume down on your computer when you head to the Peanut Better website if you are in the work place, it can be a little loud. 
  • Several recipes are available on  Also, they include a recipe or two on the tag with each jar.  Very handy! At the time of writing, their were not any recipes for the Hickory Smoked on the site, but my jar did come with two recipes.
  • Peanut Better products are kosher certified (OU). 
  • The savory flavors of Peanut Better (including the Hickory Smoked) are available in both jars and deli-style tubs.

Where to Purchase: Peanut Better can be purchased directly via their online store.  It is also distributed to grocery stores nationwide, though the Peanut Better store locator seemed to be defunct at the time of writing. Also, the new Peanut Better Deli Tubs are available via Amazon in all of the Savory Peanut Butter flavors (including the Hickory Smoked).  Sold in six packs, they are being offered at more than a 25% discount from retail, and are eligible for free shipping. 

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