Sunland Peanut Better Organic Onion Parsley Peanut Butter (DISCONTINUED)

Please Note: This brand was formerly known as just "Peanut Better" but it is now sold under the Sunland name, but with the same formulas.

Peanut Better hit a winner with this flavor combination.  The sweet onion, touch of salt, and calming parsley flakes blended well with this all natural peanut butter.  We enjoyed it most as a spread for sandwiches and wraps.  It complimented veggie, chicken, and turkey varieties very well.

After perusing the recipes and suggestions available from Peanut Better, I decided to get a bit more adventurous.  I prepared the Steamed Mixed Vegetables with Peanut Butter for my family (I said “a bit”).  With rather surprised expressions, two people exclaimed, “it’s peanut butter.”  They liked the flavor, but noted that it was definitely peanut butter. 

Nonetheless, I am eager to trial some of the other recipes offered by Peanut Better, such as the Mashed Potatoes and the Scrambled Egg Whites.  I expect that both will be very suitable to this peanut butter, while adding an unexpected flavor. 

  • Pros: Made with organic roasted peanuts and onions; Trans fat-free; All-natural ingredients; Comes with recipe suggestions; Good flavor blend; Versatile; High in protein; Low in sugar; Moderate in sodium; Also available in a deli tub
  • Cons: It is definitely still peanut butter, and best for those who enjoy peanut butter

Recommended for:

  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • A Base for Savory Dips or Sauces
  • Protein Packed Eggs
  • Potatoes

Where to Buy:

  • Online – Direct from Peanut Better, I recommend picking up their sampler for a 10% discount and to find your favorite flavor.
  • Amazon – The new Peanut Better Deli Tubs are available via Amazon in all of the Savory Peanut Butter flavors.  Sold in six packs, they are being offered at more than a 25% discount from retail, and are eligible for free shipping.
  • In Store – It is available in many stores nationwide.  I have spotted peanut better in several Whole Foods and mainstream grocers such as Safeway.  Though each seem to carry just a few flavors. 

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