Sylvan Border Farm Non-Dairy Bread Mix (DISCONTINUED)


Wow!  This is an easy yeast bread to prepare.  My kitchen looked incredibly spotless when I went to put the loaf in the oven, a definite bonus.  A packet of yeast (which comes with the mix) is proofed in your primary mixing bowl.  Add to it the mix, two eggs, just ¼ cup of oil, and mix well for about 3 or 4 minutes.  The dough is very thick and sticky, so I was glad that I chose to mix it by hand, rather than risking a mixer mess. 

Sylvan Supplies

As the final step, I spooned it into a well-greased bread pan and left it to rest for an hour and a half.  Though the instructions only called for one hour of rising, my loaf had barely risen by that point.  At the 90-minute mark, I justified that it must be ready (even though it was barely peeking at its highest point above the bread pan) and popped it in the oven.  After 40 minutes of baking (my oven seems to be a bit hot) the bread came out beautifully, if not just a touch short. 

Sylvan Dough

Even with my liberal greasing, I still had some stickage on the bottom, perhaps a problem with my non-stick pan.  After prying the loaf loose, I impatiently let it cool, and then dove in for a taste test.  It was wonderfully soft and sliced beautifully, even while warm.  I would call it a solid cross between traditional yeast bread and quick bread.  It is a very sandwich worthy loaf, but doesn’t quite have the chewy pull-apart texture of its wheaty counterparts.  Though as I learned from making the Breads from Anna mix, a gluten-free version of the “traditional” yeast bread comes with quite a bit more elbow grease.  The labor versus returns ratio I received from Sylvan Border Farm was more than worth it.

I would compare the flavor to a true white or egg bread, with a touch of honey-like sweetness.  I would have preferred a little less sugar, but with all of my recent sugar cutbacks, I may be a bit more sensitive to “sweet” than normal.

The texture of Sylvan’s Non-Dairy Bread (as you can see from my picture) is sheer excellence, not a bit crumbly.  It also had very little breakage, a bonus of the yeast I believe. I enjoyed it with peanut butter and honey for that excellent stick to the roof of your mouth experience.  Overall, I think this bread would slip nicely past wheat loving consumers and add a tasty and easy sandwich and snacking bread mix to any gluten-free cupboard. 

Sylvan Bread

My Extra Notes and Tips:

  • Ensure that the loaf has risen to your satisfaction, as the one-hour time frame may not be enough.
  • Don’t miss the great baking tips that are enclosed with this mix.  I wished that I had a second package so I could have trialed the great recipes which are included (herb bread, cinnamon raisin bread, and cinnamon rolls!).
  • The nutrient profile is very similar to most sandwich breads (with just a gram or two more fat and sugar), and alas a bit low in fiber.
  • Bread machine instructions are included, but for those of us without, this isn’t a pretty easy mix to prepare.  Also, results by hand may yield better results.
  • A big thumbs up for the non-GMO organic brown rice flour, cornmeal, and soy flour used in this mix.

Where to Buy:  Sylvan Border Farm Mixes are sold in select stores within the U.S.  If you are having trouble finding it, just order direct from them online.  They also accept international orders and will email a shipping quote upon ordering.

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