The Vegetarian Express Coconut Waffle Mix (DISCONTINUED)


Alisa Fleming, ~ Connie and Laurie are brilliant!  Who would have guessed that ingredients as simple as rolled oats, unsweetened coconut, a touch of evaporated cane juice, and a pinch of salt could create an easy and delicious breakfast waffle with no added flours, starches, eggs, or other binders? Throw this mix in a blender with some water and vanilla extract and you are just an iron away from a breakfast plate full of freshly prepared waffles.

When prepared as directed, the batter was super-thick, giving my low-power blender quite the workout.  I was unable to get the batter completely smooth, but smooth enough.  It was almost too thick to pour on the iron, and the first batch came out a bit undercooked in the middle, so I added a touch more water before proceeding with waffle number two.  They still remained just a tad soft in the middle, but the outside crisped up nicely. 

Essentially oatmeal waffles, there is no doubt that these babies are packed with hearty goodness, yet the pastry presentation lightens them up a bit.  Occasional bits of coconut added to the basic waffle texture.  As for the taste, they were just lightly sweet, perfect for dousing with maple syrup (as my husband and friend chose to do) or going savory with a spread of almond butter (as I chose to do).  Regardless of our condiment of choice, we all loved them! 

My husband devoured four smallish waffles in one sitting.  My friend and I stopped at 2, since we had a soccer match in an hour.  To our great surprise, these waffles gave us plenty of energy for the game and beyond, yet didn’t feel the least bit heavy.  It was seriously the first time I had ever felt energized rather than defeated by a plate of waffles.

Fluffy white waffles these are not … on the contrary.  The ladies at The Vegetarian Express have created a waffle mix that need not be saved for Sunday brunches.  It is virtuous enough to be enjoyed as an everyday breakfast.  While I would hesitate to call them indulgent, there was not a dissatisfied palate in the house.  Even my picky German friend and sugar-fiend husband agreed that they were quite delicious. 

For fluffy white waffle fans, these may be a bit too hearty, but for those like myself who prefer whole grain taste and the after-effect of a good breakfast, I suggest giving this mix a try!

The Freezing Test: We did have a few leftover waffles, which I opted to save, a couple in the refrigerator for the next day and a couple in the freezer for later in the week.  All toasted up beautifully!

Where to Purchase: Visit The Vegetarian Express to purchase these waffles, or one of their other great products.  I have also sampled the Lemony Dill Seasoning, which was also a big hit …. we are still enjoying that same package on a daily basis, months later.

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