Uncle Sam Cereal with Mixed Berries (DISCONTINUED)


Both my husband and I loved Erewhon’s Strawberry Crisp Cereal, so I was excited to try Uncle Sam Cereal with Mixed Berries. For some reason I expected a similar experience, but different grains means a different taste and texture …

Uncle Sam Cereal with Mixed Berries

The wheat flakes were crunchy (and small like Erewhon Kamut Flakes) but just a bit less so than the corn and rice flakes in the Erewhon line of flaked cereals. Though there were whole flaxseeds throughout to mix up the texture a bit. Unfortunately, the cereal does get soggy in milk alternative rather quickly, but very few flakes can stand up well in liquid for very long, so I didn’t hold it against them.

When left to their own devices the flakes tasted ordinary, but when you hit a big chunk of dehydrated fruit, it was like striking gold.


Uncle Sam Cereal with Mixed Berries

This cereal is perfect for those who don’t like sugar first thing in the morning, but if you need a dose of the sweet stuff, try dousing the cereal with a vanilla milk alternative (typically much sweeter than original or unsweetened varieties). I topped mine with unsweetened almond milk and some sliced almonds. The flavor mix was awesome; still quite savory, but good.


Uncle Sam Cereal with Mixed Berries

Still, I admit, I am a rice crisp convert!

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