Vegan Delights Lemon Cookies (DISCONTINUED)


I am not sure if it was the lemon juice, lemon oil, or lemon zest that gave it away, but these Vegan Delight cookies tasted, dare I say quite lemony.  In fact, our tasters simultaneously said these tasted just like lemon drop candies.  After sharing a brief moment of childhood flashbacks about those wonderful lemon shaped hard candies coated in sugar, we eagerly got back to cookie tasting.

The Lemon Cookies had the perfect soft and chewy texture, just like the other Vegan Delights cookies.  However, these were a touch on the dry side, and therefore a great accompaniment to afternoon tea.  Also, bits of cashews were scattered throughout, in place of their typical walnut chunks.  Although I am still partial to the chocolate treasures, these cookies were a unique treat.  They were somewhat hearty, evidently made with whole wheat and oat flours, but this didn’t seem to take away from the dessert factor. 

In case you didn’t catch our Chocolate Treasures review, these Lemon Cookies make a fantastic ice cream sandwich.  We smashed vanilla soy ice cream between one lemon cookie and one chocolate cookie, each by Vegan Delights, for a fantastically messy, child-like treat.  It was a great combo.  The chocolate and vanilla mellowed out the lemon, while the lemon added a great flavor twist.  Plus who doesn't like an ice cream sandwich?

Nothing more needs to be said, if you are craving lemon drop candies and cookies (or a great ice cream sandwich), these are your solution. 

  • Pros:  Made with organic ingredients; Vegan (of course); Good source of whole grains and nutritional ingredients; Tasty dessert yet low on guilt; Cute, simple packaging with perfectly sized cookies (about 2.5” in diameter)
  • Cons: The nutritional information (beyond ingredients) is not listed on the wrapper; Top quality organic ingredients and “homemade” come with a slightly higher price

Recommended For:

  • Lemon Drop Fans
  • Lunchboxes
  • College Gift Baskets
  • Afternoon tea
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches!

This simplicity is beautiful, check out these ingredients:  cashews, organic oat flour, organic whole-wheat pastry flour, organic evaporated cane juice, organic maple syrup, organic unbleached white flour, organic lemon juice, organic canola oil, organic lemon zest, organic lemon oil, soy lecithin, and sea salt.

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