Wildwood Organic Probiotic Hummus – Original (DISCONTINUED)


I’m not a hummus addict, but I enjoy it on occasion. Whenever I see a new brand or flavor on sale for $2.50 or less, I tempted to pick some up. So when I saw Organic Hummus from Wildwood on sale for just $1.99, I thought, why not? I had hesitated on this brand before when I noted that it was “probiotic” hummus (I’m not really a fan of fortified type foods), but at such a great price for an organic label, it was hard to refuse.

I was immediately struck by the difference in this hummus when I opened the package; it had a unique scent, not off-putting, but somewhat similar to yogurt. The texture was extremely smooth and rich. In fact, in terms of consistency, it put many brands to shame.

Wildwood Probiotic Hummus

As to be expected, the differences did carry over into the taste. I liked it, but found it to be like a cross between a traditional hummus and plain unsweetened yogurt – erring much more on the hummus side. With all of the yogurt fans out there, I think many would find it appealing.

But I had a bad gut feeling about this hummus, literally. I do take probiotic supplements, have enjoyed the occasional kimchi, and in general seem to have a healthy tummy, but boy did I get a stomachache after enjoying a bit of this brand. Wanting to ensure it was the hummus and not something else I ate, I gave it another shot. This time the effects were not as great, but my stomach still felt a bit uneasy. One more time, and yep, definitely the hummus. Perhaps a bit too much of that good bacteria for my nice calm tummy.

Wildwood Probiotic Hummus

Perhaps it was the delivery mode for me (garbanzo beans), but this hummus probably won’t be on my grocery lists in the future, which is a shame. If you can stomach it, and do enjoy that slight yogurt-like tang, Wildwood may be an excellent hummus find for you.

I only sampled the Original, but this creamy hummus comes in several flavors, including Indian Spice, Raspberry Chipotle, and Roasted Red Pepper. I found it in the natural food refrigerator of my local grocer, separate from the other hummus brands, which were in the main refrigerators near the fresh salsas.


This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook (also available as an eBook). For more information about this hummus, visit the Wildwood Organic website.

Wildwood Probiotic Hummus

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