Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream: The Original Soymilk Indulgences

Product by:
Turtle Mountain
Pomegranate Chip, Cookie Dough (gluten-free)
$4.99 per pint

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On July 6, 2014
Last modified:December 5, 2014


Though Turtle Mountain has turned most of their attention to the So Delicious coconut- and almond-based lines, the Purely Decadent soymilk-based pints and quarts are classics that many still love. We loved the smooth and creamy base of the Cookie Dough and the fact that it tasted more like a classic Vanilla (without overwhelming coconut!). The Pomegranate Chip is like a delightful sherbet, and both varieties have scrumptious chocolate flakes throughout.

My how times change. It seems like not long ago that Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream was the pioneer in the world of non-dairy frozen dessert. Created by Turtle Mountain, the fanciful flavors saved me many times when those cool and creamy cravings hit.

Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream - Purely Vanilla (made with organic ingredients)

Turtle Mountain has since developed and rapidly expanded their So Delicious Dairy Free line, which includes dozens of coconut-based, almond-based, and soy-based delights. But the Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream product line persists thanks to its loyal vegan and dairy-free followers.

However, this is an updated review, as many of the Purely Decadent flavors that we had enjoyed before have been discontinued. But the one below is still chilling in the frozen dessert aisle, along with several others, including Turtle Trails, Vanilla, Chocolate Obsession, Peanut Butter Zig Zag, and Cookie Avalanche. Feel free to share your personal reviews of these or other Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream flavors in the comments below.

Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream is a soy-based frozen dessert, but it is made with organic ingredients and non-GMO verified. Thus far, we have sampled (and remembered to take notes on) the following:

Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream: Cookie Dough

In a unanimous vote (okay, it was more of a chaotic shout) Cookie Dough was selected as the first flavor to start scooping. I opened the pint to a wonderful surprise. Beyond the expected cookie dough, it appeared that shavings of chocolate had been dispersed throughout.

Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream - Cookie Dough (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

The smooth and creamy vanilla base scooped with ease. In terms of taste, it wasn’t my favorite vanilla, but as a back drop for the numerous chocolate flecks and balls of cookie dough, it served the purpose nicely.  The ice cream texture was dense and creamy, easily rivaling your average gourmet ice cream.

Of course, the cookie dough was positively scrumptious. But wait, it gets infinitely better; this Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream is actually gluten-free!  Yes, those wonderful chunks of cookie dough are dairy-free and gluten-free. Perhaps the cookie dough had a slightly different texture, but in those little ice cream-sized balls, it wasn’t detectable.

My husband, who has been known to snub many ice cream alternatives, looked up for only a fraction of a second to mumble, “it’s good” with a mouthful of ice cream. I was smitten by the chocolate flakes, and really who doesn’t love cookie dough?  If our empty (and licked clean) bowls were any sign, this pint is a winner.

Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Alas, some Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream varieties have gone to the flavor graveyard.

Certifications: Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream is certified vegan, certified gluten-free, certified kosher, made with organic ingredients, and non-GMO verified.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream is dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian. Select varieties are nut-free and peanut-free by ingredients. Nonetheless, check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

For More Product Information: Visit the So Delicious website at www.sodeliciousdairyfree.com.

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  1. I live in Niagara on The Lake Ontario Canada. I can no longer find Purely Decadent chocolate ice cream,
    Any suggestions ?
    Thank you

  2. James Knight on

    I am having trouble finding mocha almond ice cream. I repeat mocha almond fudge purely decadent ice cream with coconut milk my most recent location was Whole Foods but today at a whole foods location at where my most recent location was Whole Foods but today at a whole foods location at at States Bridge Rd., Alpharetta near Atlanta Georgia did not have that flavor in their case. I was greatly disappointed. It is my hope that this my has not been discontinued because I like it so much. I try your SOL vanilla today and did not care for it at all in fact I did not finish the pint. It was devoid of the Nella flavor. Please let me know where I can find mocha almond fudge ice cream that’s nondairy and not soy. Thank you

  3. Hi, Alisa!

    I’m from Slovenia, Europe!

    As I can see, there are quite a few ice cream companies in the US that don’t use dairy/eggs in their production! So why are vegans there praising so much these new Ben&Jerry’s 4 vegan options of their ice cream? They are still heavily eggs/dairy based company and we all know, ethically, what that means for the animals! I don’t get it, what’s wrong with these “So delicious”, “Tofutti”, “Coconut bliss” brands that are obviously not enough for them???

    Keep up the good work!

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  5. Eugenia Stefan on

    My grocery store is no longer carrying the Purely Decadent desserts. I am heart broken. I don’t like the coconut milk versions nearly as well. I wish they would bring it back. Many of us haven’t had a problem with soymilk, and it has protein and calcium. Who carries it?

  6. We love Purely Decadent. It’s the best dairy free ice cream on the market. However, we can no longer find it at Whole Foods or our co-op. Is it still available?

  7. I have never tried these before!! They look so tasty!! I love cookie dough…so I would definitely try that flavor first!! mmmm!

  8. I actually wish they had some that had mix-ins that were not chocolate, or at least not so much chocolate. I am sensitive to chocolate and I usually get cravings at night so I can’t eat the yummy cookie dough flavor. These are delicious ice creams though, and I always enjoy your reviews.

  9. Ray hounsel on

    We used to purchase purely decadent vanilla non dairy ice cream in our local HEB store here in Sugar Land Texas. However they have not carried that flavor for some months now. Has purely decadent stopped making that flavor?

  10. Chocolate Obsession was the most delicious non-dairy ice-cream I have ever eaten! Target Store sold it, but has not re-stocked the product. What other retailers sell Purely Decadent? Is the brand name So Delicious non-dairy ice-cream & Purely Decadent non-dairy ice-cream made by the same company or are they separate companies? Purely Decadent is an incredible product and I hope someone can guide me to a retailer that sells this brand.

  11. What happened to the Carrot Cake flavor?? I LOVED it and you don’t make it anymore? I want it back – it was awesome!! Your best flavor of all!!

  12. You have inspired me to try Purely Decadent again. The only flavor of theirs I’ve tried was the Cookie Avalanche, and it was very disappointing; far too sweet and with hardly any of the ‘cookies and cream’ flavor one expects based on how it looks. I disliked it so much that I threw away the rest of the pint, something I have never done before! But you give me hope that it is the exception to the rule.

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