Garden Harvest Toasted Chips (DISCONTINUED)


A little while back Nabisco was sending out free samples of their new Garden Harvest Toasted Chips. After confirming a dairy-free ingredient list, I decided to offer up my address for a taste test.  They arrived a few months later, and I had quite frankly forgotten about them by that point.  The small package included two single serving pouches, one of the Vegetable Medley flavor and one of the Apple Cinnamon flavor.  The chips also come in Tomato Basil and Banana.  I love bananas, but I am glad they didn’t send that one, as it sounds a bit too weird!

These are definitely baked “chips;” in fact, until I read the label I thought they were thin crackers.  Chips would really be a stretch; I think I am just going to refer to them as crackers from here on out.  I liked the Vegetable Medley flavor; it was simply pleasant.  There was a nice burst of flavor upon first taste, which flattened to a plain cracker taste, really leaving not a bit of aftertaste behind.  Odd … not bad, but not great.  I could taste the heartiness, which I loved, but there was still that note of processed food in the taste and texture that seems to be hard to avoid with all of the Kraft additives.

Garden Harvest Vegetable Medley Toasted Chips

I had never tasted a fruity cracker before, so I was a bit apprehensive, but curious about the Apple Cinnamon “chips.”  They weren’t bad, but didn’t really float my boat, so to speak.  The cinnamon was present, but really the taste of sweet apple took center stage.  These are made with real apple (just a ½ one mind you!), which was nice, but then they added sugar.  The additional sugar seemed to make this snack into a dessert wannabe, enhancing that artificial taste yet again.  True, these crackers are definitely closer to real food than most Ruffles, for example, but my palate still wasn’t convinced that it was consuming a healthy snack.

After noting all of the less food-like ingredients on the ingredient label, and since I wasn’t wowed by the taste, this isn’t a food I will be purchasing myself (unless it presents itself as the best option in a vending machine when I am away from home and starving!).  While each little bag boasts ½ serving of vegetables (Vegetable Medley) or fruit (Apple Cinnamon) I think I would prefer to snack on some carrot sticks or an apple, skipping the middle man altogether!

I would assume that they are available in stores now, but you can purchase Garden Harvest chips on Amazon.

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