Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie

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Lenny & Larry's
Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia
$2.10 per 4-ounce cookie

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On March 27, 2015
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JUMBO dairy-free and vegan cookies with flavors using semi-sweet and white chocolate - need I say more? These indulgent cookies are a true thick, soft, tender and slightly chewy treat that even hits a fair price point, in my opinion. But don't let the "Complete" name and protein-infusion fool you into believing you've stumbled across a super-healthy cookie. These are sweet, sugary dessert, straight-up, with a few bonus nutritional perks thrown into the delicious mix.

Though Lenny & Larry showcase phrases like “all natural”, “vegan”, and “non-GMO” on their packaging, and sell their product in supplement stores under the name of “The Complete Cookie”, don’t be tempted to believe it’s healthy. Yes, it does contain protein powder, little doses of calcium and fiber, and is probably lower in sugars than many desserts. But this is a jumbo-sized indulgence through and through.

Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie - 7 Vegan, Dairy-Free Flavors (including White Chocolate Macadamia, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Pumpkin Spice)

Don’t get me wrong – I was over the moon to discover a White Chocolate Macadamia cookie (on sale no less!) that was dairy-free, let alone vegan. And I believe I already mentioned, but it’s worth saying again: these are JUMBO cookies! Just don’t go mistaking The Complete Cookie for low calorie health food.

Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie - 5 Vegan, Dairy-Free Flavors (White Chocolate Macadamia shown)

Tasting Notes for The Complete Cookie

As my friend Caroline eagerly bit into her second cookie sampling, she stated, “I mean, they’re not bakery fresh, but they’re really good!”. I concurred. Each soft and tender, yet thick and just a bit chewy bite was spot on for texture and sweetness. In fact, none of us even realized that it contained protein powder! It has a blend of wheat, soy, and pea proteins and totals in at 16 grams per 2 serving cookie.

Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie - 5 Vegan, Dairy-Free Flavors (Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Macadamia shown)
I picked up two flavors for our introduction to The Complete Cookie: Chocolate Chip and of course, White Chocolate Macadamia. The Chocolate Chip had a smattering of tasty semi-sweet chocolate chips – admittedly, we all wanted a few more. The White Chocolate Macadamia was dotted with super-sweet, creamy white chocolate chips – again, not enough of them in our opinion – and some chopped macadamias. While we are informally asking for more chocolate goodness per bite, it’s hard to penalize The Complete Cookie. The aforementioned cookie base is so dense and delicious on its own, even without the add-ins.

Leah has given a handful of flavors a try and weighed in on her favorite – the Birthday Cake:

Admittedly, my first experience with a The Complete Cookie was a little disappointing – the cookie was dry and crumbly. But I was still so intrigued by the Birthday Cake flavor that I gave them another try. I’m so glad I did too! This cookie was so soft and nearly dough-y. The crisp little sprinkles were the perfect textural touch. The flavor really did remind me of sweet vanilla cake from childhood birthday parties!

The Facts on The Complete Cookies

Certifications: The Complete Cookies are Certified Kosher Dairy (they are not made with dairy, but this indicates that dairy may be present in another product made on the line). They are labeled as non-GMO and vegan, but we did not note certifications for these.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, The Complete Cookies are dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, vegan, and vegetarian, and most varieties are paleo. Nonetheless, check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes, ingredients, and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

For More Product Information: Visit the Lenny & Larry’s website at www.lennylarry.com.

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  1. Is one cookie (whole cookie in pack) 180 calories for real. The cookie is so good. I hate the whole thing. Chocolate Chip.

  2. Are these paleo?
    I am following a paleo diet, but I had one of these before my WOD, I’m pretty sure I burned it all off right? ??
    I felt like I treated myself with a good cookie though ?

  3. These cookies are not vegan. They contain Whey protein isolate which comes from milk. Depending on how strict a vegan you are it is not 100%vegan.

    • Hi Dibble, I think you may be looking at the wrong products. Lenny & Larry’s cookies are 100% vegan and dairy-free and do not contain any whey protein isolate. They protein blend is soy protein isolate, wheat protein isolate and pea protein. Perhaps the “wheat” looked like “whey” to you?

  4. I am trying to lose weight and i just munched on one of these for energy. I work out for like 35-40 minutes doing hiit work outs. Will it be healthy to have one of these (they were oh so good) or AVOID!!!?

    • Hi Mokas, I can’t advise on what is healthy for you. You can read the ingredients and nutrition facts and see if it fits within your dietary goals. If needed, consult a physician or dietitian to assess what foods are best for you to consume on your diet plan.

  5. I love these cookies! Unfortunately I was just diagnosed as bakers yeast intolerant due to high amounts of candida in my system. So I have to stay away from dairy and refined sugars. I’m basically going to the Paleo diet now. DO you know if these are ok to eat still? I specifically love the poppy seed cookies. Thanks!

    • Hi Amanda, if you are following a paleo diet then most commercial cookies would be off limits. Lenny & Larry’s are definitely not paleo! I doubt though that they contain yeast – I would check the ingredients, but cookies aren’t typically made with yeast.

  6. La'Nisha Walker-Hyde on

    These cookies saved my life, I have tried every flavor! Each variety not only has high protein, but has a spectacular taste and texture that everyone, regardless of an allergy or not, can enjoy! When first diagnosed with Lactose Intolerance at 14, I was insanely down, I couldn’t eat many Publix product cookies because they contained milk, or many other cookie products like Pepperidge farms! Now 15, with an epic cookie obsession, I eat these cookies all of the time and my friends love them too. Thank God for Len and Larry’s.

  7. OMG White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies!!!! Since going dairy, gluten and everything free, I completely forgot about that DELICIOUS variety of cookie!!!!!! Now I am craving it!

  8. Lisa Winters on

    I love these cookies. Definitely have great taste and texture for a vegan, non-dairy cookie. But, as you said, you need to remember it’s a cookie – a treat. 🙂 I’ve tried several flavors and they definitely hit the spot! (I usually cut them into halves, thirds or fourths.)

  9. I was wondering, do you have plain cookies that are soft??? without nuts, vanilla or peanut butter flavored! It has to be completely dairy free and where can I order these?????

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