Marshmallow Treats from AllerEnergy (DISCONTINUED)


By Barb Nicoletti ~ Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a special package of treats arrived to my children’s’ delight. I opened the box to discover 3 good-sized heart shaped marshmallow treats.  Keep in mind, these were not your ordinary marshmallow shaped treats. They were quite generous, lightly dusted with colored sugar, and the softest little melt in your mouth marshmallows I had ever gotten my hands on.  They looked like little pink pillowy clouds of marshmallow goodness. Those holiday marshmallow treats from the supermarket simply pale in comparison.

Of course, my daughter could not contain her excitement upon seeing pink, heart-shaped sweets, and my son’s eyes were huge with delight while eating his marshmallow heart.  They were the perfect size treat for those chubby little hands.  Soft and squishy, and oh so yummmmmy.

Allerenergy marshmallows

The package also included AllerEnergy’s new plain marshmallows squares.  Though not dressed up for the holidays, they were equally as soft and deliciousl.  We noshed on ours plain, but they would be perfect to top off a nice steamy cup of hot chocolate on a cold day.

About the Company:  AllerEnergy is focused on providing snacks and nutrition bars for the food allergic.  They run a peanut, gluten, egg, dairy, soy, tree nut, shellfish, and corn free dedicated facility

You can find out more about AllerEnergy and where to purchase their products by visiting their website at

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