Bumble Bee Pink Salmon Steak with Teriyaki


Our eyes lit up when we spotted the Bumble Bee line of convenient seaafood steaks with ingredients we could actually read.  Unfortunately, the product didn't quite live up to the hype.  This Salmon Steak was preferred to the Albacore Steak we trialed, although it still didn't make our "will buy again" list.  The teriyaki marinade was fair, nothing to write home about, but as good as one would expect.  The salmon itself was a "canned" salmon steak, with the same flavor and texture as you would find in a can of pink salmon.  Luckily, this meant it was not as tough as the Albacore Steak, making it a bit easier to chew.  I like the picture they show on the package, with the salmon next to a small noodle salad with bell peppers.  If you want to give this one a try, I think the best hope is to serve it whole or chopped up with the marinade over an asian style pasta salad. 

  • Pros:  All natural ingredients (hard to find in mainstream products); Convenient; Low in fat, cholesterol, and sugar; Very high in protein
  • Cons:  High in sodium; Not your typical salmon steak

Recommended For:

  • Convenience
  • Microwavable Lunch to Take to Work
  • Meat & Marinade for Pasta Salad

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