ND Labs Meatless Burger Bits


Recently I received a package of ND Labs’ Meatless Burger Bits, or, as my kids call it, “Fake Meat.” We used them in Peg Bracken’s Green Pepper Stew. The texture and taste were very similar to ground beef, and we agreed that the texture is even more beef-like than their other meatless ground beef product. The Meatless Burger Bits are the closest-to-ground-beef meatless product we’ve tried.

If it were up to us, though, we’d probably go with ground turkey or ground chicken or ground venison if we didn’t want beef. But, if you are allergic to beef or a vegetarian or vegan and would like a beef alternative specifically, I definitely recommend this product.

Meatless Burger Bits from ND Labs

Ingredients: Beef flavored vegetable crumbles (soy protein concentrate, wheat gluten, malt color, and wheat starch). Spice blend: hydrolyzed corn and yeast protein, hydrolyzed wheat gluten, maltodextrin, malt extract, hydrolyzed soy protein, dextrose, yeast extract, onion, chili and garlic powders, torula yeast, malic acid, disodium inosiante, disodium guanylate, natural flavors*.

*The natural flavors thing worried me a bit, but they have allergen information on their website that says these are free of dairy.

For more information on this product, see the ND Labs’ website.

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