One Lucky Duck Chewy Almond Crunch Bar (DISCONTINUED)


It was impossible to hide my excitement when the package from One Lucky Duck arrived.  Something both excites and intrigues me about the concept of “raw” food.  My knowledge of this culinary field is pretty well limited to salads and hand held fruit, so it was difficult for me to even imagine what their snacks might entail.

Almond BarWhen I pulled out the Almond Crunch Bar, my husband immediately laid claim by stating, “that looks like something I would really enjoy.”  I knew I must act fast on this trial, lest the entire package go missing.

The package appears somewhat small at first, but housed in this neat and tidy, sealed bag are two giant squares topping three inches in diameter and close to an inch thick, each!  Needless to say, I thought it best to start with just a half of one bar to start.  Lucky for my husband, it looked like there was plenty for sharing.

At first glance, this appeared to be another sesame seed bar. To my pleasant surprise it was nothing of the sort.  Not an ounce of sesame touches the contents of this bar.  The cream colored specks throughout are finely chopped almonds!  Yes, the entire base is composed of almonds…simply astonishing.  Their top ingredient choice makes for a truly unique and wonderful flavor, unlike any other “bar” I have ever experienced.

Of course, almonds alone do not make an award winning snack.  One Lucky Duck has loaded this bar with whole organic sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and raisins (of the black and golden varieties).  Everything is tightly bound together by a sticky blend of raw organic sweeteners.  This was the next thing, which impressed me.  Most bars use honey alone, as the “glue.”  At times this seems to overpower the overall flavor of the bar.  One Lucky Duck adds just a touch of raw honey for sharpness, but relies mostly on the sedated sweetness of organic agave nectar for binding power.  A hint of cinnamon and salt pull the flavors together.

I did note the occasional salty bite, whether this was mishap or on purpose I cannot say.  Though I did enjoy the sweet and salty contrast.

Almond Bar

I would definitely pick up this bar again (or at least a half a one) for a sweet but filling (and healthy) afternoon snack.  As an active energy bar on a busy day or a meal on-the-go, perhaps I could down an entire square.  Though my husband will be happy to hear, that with two squares per package, there will always be one left for him.

My Extra Notes and Tips:

  • Though it is likely a bit high in fat, this protein loaded treat is cholesterol free and packed with heart-healthy oils from the nut and omega-3 rich seed combo.

Where to Purchase:  Order all natural, organic, and “raw” snacks direct from One Lucky Duck online.  They also sell the wonderful ingredients they utilize in their finished products.  Though located in the U.S., One Lucky Duck does ship internationally.

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