Rudi’s Homestyle Gluten-Free Bread comes in Three Dairy-Free Loaves


I’ve long professed my love for Rudi’s Organic Bakery Breads in past posts, but they have other options, too. Rudi’s has a soft spot for accommodating special diet needs, so they created an entire line of Rudi’s Homestyle Gluten-Free Bread! In the beginning, it included loaves, rolls, tortillas, pizza crusts, and seasonal stuffing. Sadly, several of those products have discontinued over the years, but some of their loaves are still around.

Rudi's Homestyle Gluten-Free Bread Reviews and Info: Three Varieties, All Dairy-Free and Soy-Free

Tasting Notes for Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread

These loaves come in Original, Cinnamon Raisin, and Multigrain varieties. I’m all about whole grains, so we opted to buy and try the Multigrain. Feel free to leave your own rating and review below if you try any of them!


It was surprisingly light, but with hearty flavors and a unique, earthy texture. My husband, who has eaten gluten-free for a few years, liked it, as did I, but we both agreed that it needed toasting.

Rudi's Homestyle Gluten-Free BreadIngredients: water, modified tapioca starch, brown rice flour, cane sugar, rice starch, canola oil+, white sorghum flour, brown teff flour, egg whites, molasses, modified potato starch, organic amaranth flour, organic sunflower seeds, oats, yeast, psyllium husk, organic brown flaxseed, sea salt, golden flaxseed, modified cellulose gum, organic millet, organic white distilled vinegar, guar gum, cultured brown rice. contains: eggs

Nutrition (per slice): 100 calories, 2.5g fat, 18g carbs, 2g fiber, 3g sugars (includes 2g added sugars), 2g protein.*

Rudi's Gluten Free Bread - MulitGrain Loaves

The Facts on Rudi’s Homestyle Gluten-Free Bread

Price: $3.99 to $6.99

Availability: Rudi’s Homestyle Gluten-Free Bread are sold frozen (in the freezer section) and fresh (in the bakery section) of grocery stores.

Certifications: Rudi’s Homestyle Gluten-Free Bread is Certified Gluten-Free and Certified Kosher.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Rudi’s Homestyle Gluten-Free Bread are dairy-free / non-dairy, nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, and vegetarian.*

For More Product Information: Visit the Rudi’s Organic and Gluten Free Bakery website at

*Always read the ingredient and nutrition statement prior to consumption. Ingredients, processes, and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company or product. Contact the company to discuss their manufacturing processes if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. No food product can be guaranteed “safe” for every individual’s needs. You should never rely on ingredient and allergen statements alone if dealing with a severe food allergy. 

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Best of the Gluten Free breads available

Rated 5 out of 5
May 22, 2021

I have tried them all, this is the best of the gluten free breads. The risen bread is a real treat as well. Especially toasted with a bit of ghee.

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Not bad for gluten free bread

Rated 4 out of 5
August 10, 2020

The Multigrain is much lighter than your average grainy bread (I’d love to see them use more of a whole grain base), but has a pleasant flavor with no bitterness. Like most gluten-free bread, it’s much better when toasted.

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Alisa Fleming

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Alisa is the founder of, Food Editor for Allergic Living magazine, and author of the best-selling dairy-free book, Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living, and the new cookbook, Eat Dairy Free: Your Essential Cookbook for Everyday Meals, Snacks, and Sweets. Alisa is also a professional recipe creator and product ambassador for the natural food industry.

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  1. Blessie Nelson on

    I have to say Rudi’s bread products are amazing! For a new customer, you need to be prepared to adjust to a new taste in bread which is quite comforting and it can be a bit brittle but what is amazing, is how full it makes you feel and gets you going through the day!