Paladini Louis Dressing


The rich and creamy texture of Paladini’s Louis Dressing was more than appreciated by each of our dairy free tasters.  We trialed it first over a bed of mixed greens topped with medium-sized shrimp.  The flavors melded beautifully for a delicious and fulfilling meal.  Even our non-salad eater finished every last bite.  Everyone agreed Paladini’s Louis dressing is the perfect accompaniment to any shrimp, crab, or mixed seafood salad.

Paladini Louis Dressing

Next, we wanted to see how it would fair within a warm entrée.  It seemed only natural to trial the dressing as a condiment within “California-style” shrimp tacos (whole wheat tortillas, rice, avocado, shrimp, chopped tomatoes, and shredded lettuce/cabbage).  The result was beyond excellent, and the tacos were gone in no time.  This versatile dressing would likely work equally well in a seafood pasta salad or as the lone condiment to a simple grilled fish sandwich.

Though it is very similar in appearance to a thick thousand island dressing, the taste is more refined and only as sweet as it should be.  Albeit, I was very surprised to see that it contained only 1 gram of sugar per serving, much lower than I would have expected.  When tasted straight from the jar, it has a sweet mayonnaise flavor.  As it turns out, mayonnaise is in fact the first ingredient.  Perhaps this is why one taster referred to it as a “comfort food”.  Nonetheless, the myriad of other natural ingredients and spices utilized in this dressing are what truly sets it a part.

  •  Pros:  Creamy yet dairy free; Low sugar (1g), low carb (2g) food; Decent source of Vitamin A (8%); A portion of proceeds benefit research for the Smith Magenis Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder
  • Cons:  As to be expected, it is a bit high in fat; Mostly all-natural ingredients, but does utilize preservatives

Recommended For:

  • A Higher Quality Replacement for Thousand Island Salad Dressing
  • Mixed Seafood Pasta Salads
  • Shrimp Dip
  • Fish or Shrimp Tacos
  • Mild White Fish Sandwich
  • Crab (or imitation crab for those budget-conscious days) and Shrimp Salads

Where to Buy:

  • Online:  May contact for direct orders from
  • In Stores: Select U.S. Stores

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