Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams


Kids and adults alike will love the traditional graham cracker taste of these healthy, and adorable Bunny Grahams.  No one will miss the hydrogenated oils, milk ingredients, and other additives and preservatives found in most graham crackers.

Annie's Homegrown Bunny Grahams - the perfect whole grain dairy-free snack for kids or adults on the go!

Last year I had the incredible luck to discover Bunny Grahams from Annie’s. At the time, these wonderful little bites came in honey, cinnamon, and chocolate flavors.  Well, not too long ago the Bunny Graham people added one more flavor to the mix, chocolate chip.  I must say they truly outdid themselves on this new selection.

The cute bunny shape of these graham cracker bites is surprisingly practical as well.  Not only will kids get a kick out of them, but they are in a crispy no mess size. They can even easily be popped into a spice grinder in batches for quick crumbs for a pie crust or other dessert purpose. A handful of the cinnamon, honey, and chocolate grahams tossed together turned out to be a tasty afternoon snack mix. If parents aren’t sold yet, each of Annie’s Bunny Graham flavors has 20% of the RDI for calcium, and just 6g of sugar in one sweet serving.

Annie's Homegrown Bunny Grahams - the perfect whole grain dairy-free snack for kids or adults on the go!

Tasting Notes for Annies Homegrown Bunny Grahams

The bright yellow boxes highlighted by a cheerful rabbit and chocolate chips immediately attracted all little eyes when I removed them from the cupboard.  Before I could even get them open I had two girls standing in front of me with their hands out.  Since we were going to be in dire need of snacks the next day, I just opened one box, which was quickly devoured by everyone (kids and adults).

The following day, just before we headed out, I poured 3/4 of the remaining box into a re-sealable Ziploc baggie to stash in my “snack bag.”  I not-so-wisely thought it would be best to save a few for when we got home.

As the bigger girls jumped on the rides at the fair, the littlest one (just six years old) tagged along with us.  Not an hour in, she tugged on me for some food.  When I opened the bag, she immediately snatched the chocolate chip bunnies.  We wandered around for a while, watching the others as they enjoyed the rides, the littlest still clutching the bag of bunny grahams with one hand, and feeding herself with the other.  Apparently, I hadn’t been paying attention, as the next thing I knew, my husband handed me an empty Ziploc baggie.  She had eaten the entire bag!

Chocolate Chip

Bunny GrahamsNeedless to say, the chocolate chip Bunny Grahams were more than a hit.  To keep things in perspective, they are about one-inch wide bunnies, with the tiniest little specks of chocolate.  I was sure the chocolate flavor would be practically non-existent.  However, they added tiny little bursts of chocolate that perfectly suited these bite-sized snacks.  I think if the chocolate chips had been any larger, they would have overpowered the tasty, yet basic graham cracker background.


Annie's Homegrown Bunny Grahams - the perfect whole grain dairy-free snack for kids or adults on the go!This and the following photos are courtesy of Annie’s.


Although it still had a good bite, the Cinnamon Bunny Grahams were the softest of the three flavors. They had a more traditional graham cracker feel. As well, the flavor was pleasantly familiar, with a hint of cinnamon that emerged as an afterthought.

Annie's Homegrown Bunny Grahams - the perfect whole grain dairy-free snack for kids or adults on the go!


Note:  For vegans, this variety does contain honey.
This variety was delicious, lightly sweetened with honey, and according to my taste buds, the one with the most traditional graham cracker taste.


The Chocolate Bunny Grahams were the most crisp of the three varieties, and they had a rich chocolate flavor.  Although I haven’t had them in decades, when I first bit into the chocolate Bunny Graham I had a sudden memory of cocoa pebbles.

Annie's Homegrown Bunny Grahams - the perfect whole grain dairy-free snack for kids or adults on the go!

Perfect For:

  • Kids
  • Lunch Boxes & Snack-Time
  • Pie Crusts
  • Quick Snack Mix
  • No Mess / All Natural Graham Cracker Replacement

Where to Buy:

  • Online – Directly from Annie’s Online Store. They are sold by the box, or the case (save 15%), and free shipping is available on all orders over $100.
  • In Stores – Natural food stores throughout the U.S.

The Facts on Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams

Certifications: Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams are Non-GMO Verified. Gluten-Free varieties are Certified GF.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams are dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, nut-free, peanut-free, vegetarian. Some varieties are gluten-free, vegan, and most are soy-free. Nonetheless, always read the ingredient statement and check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

For More Product Information: Visit the Annie’s Homegrown website at

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