The Raw Bakery Raw Marshmellow Crunch Snack


Intrigued by the marshmallow-like name, I broke my tasting rule, and decided to check out the ingredient list first.  It read: deglet dates, organic sprouted buckwheat, raw almonds, organic almond extract, and organic vanilla extract.  That’s it?  I thought, “Where in the world did they get marshmallow (spelled with an e) from?”  Having only seen the packages for the highly processed, jet-puffed variety, I had no idea that these simple flavors would meld to create a true marshmallow experience.  In fact, both the flavor and the fragrance of this all-natural snack delighted my senses, and somehow reminded me of childhood desserts at the fair.  

This is no fluffy snack though.  Beyond the delicate scent and flavor, this is a purely dense and hearty experience.  I loved the crispy-crunchy little bites of buckwheat bound to the chopped almonds by dates.  Luckily, the dates were very mellow in flavor, and did not seem to overpower the snack as a whole.  The organic extracts blended with these core ingredients to enhance the naturally sweet (just lightly sweet) taste.  I will admit, such hearty snacks are not for everyone, but I really did enjoy the unique texture of the buckwheat and the lightly sweet flavor that was indulgent, yet didn’t make me feel like I had used up my dessert allowance for the day.  

All natural, raw, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and peanut-free are just a few of the side benefits to this snacking mix.  Although the Raw Apple Cinnamon Pecan Granola is a bestseller for the Raw Bakery, the Marshmellow Crunch Snack would be my top pick for backpacking and at the office.  It is a truly unique creation by the talented Chef Ibo Gencay.

  • Pros:  It really does have a marshmallow flavor; Raw; Vegan; Gluten-free; Soy-free; Made with Organic Ingredients; A truly healthy and convenient snack
  • Cons:  May be a bit too hearty for some, possibly kids as well; The nutrition info is not listed on the packaging

Recommended For:

  • Office Munchies
  • Camping, Hiking, & Backpacking
  • Purse Snack Stash

Where to Buy:  

  • Online:  Direct from


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