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I have seen Goji Berries described as raisin-like or as a cross between dried cherries and plums.  But I found these little shriveled up berries to have a slight licorice flavor, followed by a more traditional raspberry taste.  I followed the instructions to have 1 Tablespoon every few days for maximum vitality.  I can't say if they gave me more energy, but they were tasty and I certainly didn't feel bad after eating them. 

Otherwise known as Wolfberries, Goji Berries come with outrageous health claims I cannot fully verify or deny.  The most unbiased account I found was at Wikipedia.  Goji berries are well entrenched in traditional Chinese medicine, and rightfully so.  They are amazingly low in sugar for a dried fruit, yet rich in Vitamins A (beta-carotene) and C.  They also come with an impressive record of fiber, protein, minerals, and trace minerals. 

If I were to purchase Goji Berries in the future, I would definitely get them from therawbakery.  Whether their quality is better, I could not say.  However, they seem to steer clear of outrageous claims (sticking to the facts of the impressive nutrient profile) and do not falsely represent the origin of their berries as many online retailers do. 

  • Pros:  Low in sugar, fat, and calories; Organic; Loaded with antioxidants; Unique flavor; Fair source of fiber and protein; A little goes a long way
  • Cons: Not recommended for baking or heating

Recommended For:

  • Snacking

Where to Buy:

  • Online – Direct from the Raw Bakery

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