So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream with No Dairy & No Sugar Added


From day one, I’ve had a sweet tooth. I’ve tried going without for months on end, but my yearning for sweet just doesn’t wane. Which is why I get very excited when products like So Delicious Dairy Free No Added Sugar Ice Cream emerge. It’s naturally-sweetened with erythritol and monk fruit extract, and contains just 1 gram of sugar per serving!

So Delicious No Sugar Added Dairy-Free Ice Cream / Frozen Dessert - Vegan

Tasting Notes for So Delicious Dairy Free No Sugar Added Ice Cream

Unlike many no sugar added ice cream brands, So Delicious isn’t going for low calories. This is real ice cream made with rich coconut milk for a truly luxurious dessert. It comes in five four flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chip (pictured above), and Butter Pecan. Alas, the Toasted Coconut Chip flavor in the line-up shown below is being discontinued.

Mint Chip

So Delicious No Sugar Added Dairy-Free Ice Cream / Frozen Dessert - VeganThis is actually more like a mint chocolate “flake” ice cream, which makes it way better. Generous ribbons of chocolate wind throughout this naturally minty ice cream. The thinner shards of chocolate are much easier to eat when frozen (unlike thick chocolate chips) and meld more into the overall flavor.

This was hands down my favorite flavor as the cool mint taste works really well with the sweeteners. The texture was thick and rich, though it wasn’t quite as soft and smooth as the others. My ice cream scoop did a better job of breaking off large chunks of this no sugar added vegan ice cream rather than smoothly gliding through. Nonetheless, it melted on my tongue with a cool and creamy satisfaction that was almost refreshing. Next time I’m building a (low sugar) brownie sundae, this will definitely be a go-to ice cream.


I wanted this to be my favorite as I’m a vanilla girl, and could really use a staple that doesn’t cause a sugar rush. That said, the texture was awesome. This is the smoothest and creamiest of the bunch. I seriously looked like an ice cream parlor jockey serving up perfect round scoops of this flavor.

For my taste buds, the sweeteners overpowered the delicate vanilla flavors a bit too much. However, the more I ate, the more I warmed up to it. If you aren’t accustomed to sweeteners like erythritol, then it may take some getting used to. Nonetheless, the amazing texture and low sugar benefit may cause this vanilla to make its way into my shopping cart in the future.

Butter Pecan

Almost as soft and creamy as the Vanilla, the Butter Pecan was rich and filling – the way good ice cream should be. I’m a big fan of butter pecan, and really can’t get enough of the flavor. For that reason, I wished this one had a little more of that intense buttery flavor. Again, the sweeteners overpowered it a bit for me, but that didn’t stop me from sneaking spoonfuls throughout the day.

But I recommend sampling all of the flavors if you are looking for a good quality, low sugar, dairy-free ice cream. I tend to be very sensitive to certain tastes (I can taste stevia in anything!), and am sure that most people won’t notice the sweetener “flavor” as much as I do.


The pure cocoa goodness on this rich coconut milk base will likely win over sugar-free chocoholics. I truly enjoyed the Chocolate flavor when topped with date caramel sauce or melted dark chocolate (to keep it low in added sugars), but on its own, the stevia and monk fruit notes were a bit too strong for my tastes when combined with cacao. That said, I would always reach for vanilla over chocolate. As you can see, there was barely any vanilla left by the time I took a picture of the two together!

So Delicious No Sugar Added Coconut Milk Ice Cream - Chocolate and Vanilla

The Facts on So Delicious Dairy Free No Sugar Added Ice Cream

Price: $5.99 a pint

Certifications: So Delicious Dairy Free No Sugar Added Ice Cream pints are certified kosher parve, gluten-free, and vegan, and non-GMO verified.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, So Delicious Dairy Free No Sugar Added Ice Cream is dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, vegan, and vegetarian. Most varieties are also nut-free by ingredients. Nonetheless, always read the ingredient statement prior to consumption and check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

For More Product Information: Visit the So Delicious website at

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What Others Are Saying ...

Butter peacan

5.0 rating
October 17, 2019

The butter pecan was full of pecans it really was so delicious. The vanilla is very good also. Was happy to find sugar free and dairy free as a great is nice. It is hard to find this sweet 2 stores did not have any

Donna Dancer

The chocolate is delicious

5.0 rating
March 30, 2019

I’m not usually a chocolate ice cream fan but this was delicious. The vanilla is also tasty. I’m on Keto and these have been a wonderful treat that fit into my macros. I serve them with a few fresh berries, a little sugar free whipped cream and a few no sugar chocolate chips. I wish more stores near me carried the sugar free ones.

Karen Scandariato

Rich and creamy without the added sweeteners

4.0 rating
February 25, 2019

Rich and creamy without the added sweeteners. Mint Chip was the favorite flavor for its bright, refreshing, and cool flavor. Vanilla won in the texture department with perfectly smooth and soft scoops.


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  1. It’s very good however it’s not 1 gram of sugar per serving, it’s actually 6 grams of sugar per serving. You have to count the 5 grams of sugar alcohol per serving.

  2. I live 30643 area code..I have tried so hard to buy the no sugar added mint chip with no success…I’ve tried to order vis Publix nearest me without luck. So disappointed.

    • I wish I could help you Rebecca, but I’m not affiliated with them. You might want to contact So Delicious directly as I don’t see it available in your area when I searched their store locator on their website.

  3. Glenis Gambrelll on

    Your facility sounds as though lines and all tools are cleaned sufficiently for people with nut allergies. Am I just assuming? My granddaughters doctor said to find out whether nuts are processed in the facility before buying…please respond

    • Glenis, you would need to contact So Delicious directly to get allergen information on their facility. This is an unbiased third party review – Go Dairy Free is not affiliated with them.

  4. But why did they need to add Carageenan to the ingredients? It’s a cancer-causing ingredient and makes this product a no-go for me.

    • I’m not sure Barbara. They’ve reformulated a lot of their products to be carrageenan-free, but I guess they haven’t gotten to these yet. You might want to put in a request!

  5. My husband’s cancer diet is sugar, milk sweeteners (except Stevia) free. He loves the chocalate, but I can’t get it here in town. They don’t handle the no added sugar icecream. Can it be mailed directly to me?

    • I haven’t seen a place that sells the So Delicious online. However, Halo Top recently started selling their new non-dairy ice cream online – I know it is much lower calorie, but I’m not 100% sure what sweeteners they use.

      • I’ve been looking everywhere for the no sugar mint, even ordered it, but it never comes to they are lying to me and never order.

  6. I absolutely love the chocolate & mint and chip no sugar added. This is hands down the best find for me during a diet or just staying healthy.

  7. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to find the vanilla at the Whole Foods where I live. I agree with Cara, it’s fair…I asked the Whole Foods to please stock some of the other flavors, but to no avail…would love to try the rest as I too have sugar problems.

  8. I dunno, Alisa, I am kind of with you on this one! And normally, I am someone who CAN stand stevia in things. I’ve had the chocolate and the vanilla from this bunch. I confess to buying the chocolate for an ice cream sundae party, so I probably missed what it actually tasted like by smothering it in candy 😉 But the vanilla… it was just “ehh” and sort of fake-tasting for me.