Soy-Licious Hamburger Mix (DISCONTINUED)


Today’s review: Meatless Hamburger! Yes, you read that right. Otherwise known as Soy-licious! (TM) Hamburger Mix.

As anyone who has more than a passing acquaintance with us knows, we are not vegans. But we do enjoy trying new things, we want to be healthy, and our dairy-allergic daughter has had so many cross-contamination issues with red meat that she doesn’t like to eat it anymore. Besides poultry burgers, is there any other type of burger out there that our entire family will eat?

Soy-licious! is almost the answer for us. The taste and texture is very close to ground beef. Four out of five Hatfields ate it and liked it. (The two-year old didn’t, but he’s…two.) Even Scott, who is VERY PARTICULAR about burgers, said that he liked this “for a veggie burger.” That’s high praise.

If you will be serving these burgers to carnivores, keep everyone out of the kitchen while you:

Soylicious Meatless Hamburger Mix


Add water and wait 15 minutes.

Soylicious Meatless Hamburger Mix

Add oil and mix well.

 Soylicious Meatless Hamburger Mix

Form into desired shape and cook.

 Soylicious Meatless Hamburger Mix

OK, you can come into the kitchen now! Look, burgers!

Nutritional Designs’ Meatless Hamburger Mix is available online at Nutritional Designs or by calling 1-888-2-ND-Labs.

This is a third party review by Sarah Hatfield of No Whey Mama.  For more information and to purchase Soylicious, see the Nutritional Designs Website.

Soylicious Meatless Hamburger Mix

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