Temple Turmeric Creamy Super Blend Mylks (DISCONTINUED)

Golden Mylk, Mexican Chocolate, Matcha Latte, Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee
$6.99 per 12-ounce bottle

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On April 9, 2015
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These potent creamy dairy-free beverages are certainly not for the flavor-averse. Each bottle packs in 13 grams of inflammation-fighting organic Hawaiian Oana turmeric complimented by fragrant cardamom and ginger and tempered with a rich hemp and coconut milk base and just the right touch of raw honey. The classic Golden Mylk remained my favorite, but the Matcha Latte was a close second. Tony preferred the Mexican Chocolate, but the Bullet Brew was just too much pow for our palates.

A fun interaction with my wonderful friend Tess Masters at Expo West ended in her informing me that I “MUST” try Temple Turmeric. I was hesitant, but her word is as good as gold in my book, so I took the plunge into their creamy new Super Blend Mylk beverages.

Temple Turmeric Super Blend - Golden Mylk + Mexican Chocolate

(Note: Tess trialed the vegan varieties of Temple Turmeric; the Super Blends contain raw honey and are not strictly vegan.)

Just last year, I briskly bypassed all of the turmeric-heavy booths. I wasn’t a fan of the flat yet pungent aftertaste of that fragrant spice. But my tastes, or my body’s demands, seem to have changed as of late. Not only do I now enjoy the flavor and deep yellow hue of turmeric, I’ve actually begun craving it. Yet, I still wondered, how could something so strong and savory meld well in a cool beverage?

To find out, I went straight for the purest Temple Turmeric flavor in the mix (you can see all of the ingredients right on the front of the package!), the Golden Mylk. Even with my new found fondness for turmeric, I admit to being a little timid as I brought the brilliant mustard-yellow beverage closer to my lips. Fortunately, my palate was pleased with the extraordinary, earthy, rich, and boldly fragrant flavors. The turmeric is ever-present (I don’t recommend these drinks for those who are completely turmeric-averse), but I did find it to be well balanced, with more powerful notes of cardamom and ginger and the perfect sweet addition of raw honey.

Temple Turmeric Super Blends - These Creamy Mylk Beverages are packed with more healthy ingredients than we though possible (golden, chocolate, coffee, and green tea varieties - all dairy-free, soy-free and paleo)

Up next, the Mexican Chocolate was quite drinkable, but the aftertaste of the cacao and turmeric together was a little strong and flat for my tastes. I did love the spicy yet mild ginger and cayenne jolts, but the other lingering flavors were still too bitter to win me over. Tony is more of a cacao fan than me, and liked this mylk in his daily smoothie blend.

The Matcha Latte bounced between notes of sweet, savory, creamy and fragrant, causing a perpetual cycle of intrigue that kept me drinking. Strange, with potent spice and green tea aftertastes, but somehow, quite good. This Temple Turmeric flavor was easily my second favorite, and darn close to rivaling for first.

The Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee was indeed a shot to the taste buds. It was way, way, WAY too powerful for this non-coffee drinker, and even too potent for Tony, our resident daily black coffee drinker. I think this variety was created with seriously intense java and spice lovers in mind.

Temple Turmeric Super Blend - Matcha Latte + Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee (raw, paleo, dairy-free, and packed with nutritious ingredients!)

The consistency of all the Temple Turmeric Super Blends is like a rich, creamy 2% milk, or perhaps even a touch creamier. There is a bit of smooth “sediment” which tasted like ground bits of chia or perhaps the bee pollen and hemp, but nothing off-putting or gritty. That said, all of the Temple Turmeric Super Blends must be shaken well and often, as they separate like nobodies business!

And though they do boast “cleanse” beverage pricing, these drinks are raw, nutrient-dense and filling. Each modestly-sized Temple Turmeric Mylk packs in around 270 to 290 calories, with 14 grams fat (from the hemp and coconout), 11 grams protein, and 4 grams fiber. I wasn’t too fond of the 20 grams of sugar, but due to the heft, I tended to split each bottle into a 2-day serving.

To note, Temple Turmeric also offers a Holiday Spiced Lassi Mylk, which is seasonal, of course. It’s a seriously unique blend with fruity notes, warm spices, and a comforting earthy backdrop. Trust me, it isn’t what you’re expecting, but it is tasty.

Temple Turmeric Super Blends - These Creamy Mylk Beverages are packed with more healthy ingredients than we though possible (holiday, golden, chocolate, coffee, and green tea varieties - all dairy-free, soy-free and paleo)

Certifications: Temple Turmeric Super Blends are Non-GMO Verified and Certified Kosher. Most of the ingredients are organic, but they aren’t fully certified organic.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Temple Turmeric Super Blends are dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, paleo, and vegetarian. Nonetheless, check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes, ingredients, and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

For More Product Information: Visit the Temple Turmeric website at www.templeturmeric.com.

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