Udi’s Gluten Free Bread (Loaves, Ancient Grains, and Buns)


We have not yet trialed Udi’s Gluten Free Bread, so this is an informational review post only. I cannot yet give it a rating or personally weigh in on the taste, texture, etc. If you have tried it, please do leave a comment with your own review!

It’s hard to ignore Udi’s Gluten Free Bread. This once niche product is now abundant on grocery store shelves, used by many restaurants nationwide, and yes, all options (at the time of writing) are dairy-free! They do use eggs, but all of Udi’s loaves, baguettes, buns and rolls are made without milk ingredients of any kind. I’ve spotted Udi’s Gluten Free Bread on shelves among other bakery items, but it may also be sold frozen

Udi's Gluten Free Bread - available in traditional loaves, ancient grains and buns. All dairy-free.

Udi’s Gluten-Free Bread line-up includes many old favorites … White Sandwich, Whole Grain, Rye, Cinnamon Raisin, Classic Baguettes, Classic and Whole Grain Hamburger Buns, Hotdog Buns, and Crusty Rolls (two kinds!). But I was most fascinated by their Ancient Grain loaves, in Millet-Chia and Omega Flax & Fiber.

Udis GF - bread ancient grain

Suggested Retail Price: $4.50 to $7.89 per loaf or 4- to 6-pack of buns or rolls.

The Facts on Udi’s Gluten Free Bread

Certifications: Udi’s Gluten Free Bread is Certified Gluten Free and Certified Kosher Parve.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Udi’s Gluten Free Bread is dairy-free / non-dairy, gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, and vegetarian. Nonetheless, check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

For More Product Information: Visit the Udi’s Gluten Free website at udisglutenfree.com.

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  1. I love Udis gluten free bread!!. The hamburger buns are great for making all sorts of rolls and garlic bread and they are thenourft texture!! That are not crumbly and they can pass for regular bread! I’m a huge fan of all Udis products!

  2. Please return to your previous Udi bread recipe. The new one is horrible!!!!! You have tried to emulate White Wonder bread and as a result the bread is sweet, soft and squishy. It no longer has body to it but instead has an undesirable taste. Perhaps you can offer both breads and let the consumer make the choice. I am not alone with my analysis. All my friends feel as I do and we are all on the search for a replacement.
    Grace Dion

    • You have it exactly right. The new recipe White and Whole Grain Udi’s have more in common with non-memory, memory foam than bread. They claim to be soft, and they are, so much so that the slices stick to everything and your fingers will leave indelible marks on the gooey sandwich. Udi’s has managed to remake their once good breads into the bread version of “New Coke.”
      I’m hoping that they’ll offer at least the whole grain version with the old recipe, and leave their New White Wonder Bread for the kids.
      PW Rankin

  3. Sandra Mitchell on

    Impossible to find on a regular basis. Sometimes at Walmart, other times not there. Makes it impossible to plan. Diappointing.

  4. I love Udi’s! I’ve had the waffles and yes at times they crumble, not to a degree that I’d stop purchasing. They taste wonderful. I’ve also had most flavors of bread. I always toast it. I’ve never had an issue with it falling apart. And it taste great, glad I discovered this gluten free item. Thanks Udi’s!

  5. I have paid nearly $8 for a family loaf of Udi’s Whole Grain Bread. It is supposed to be soft. What a disappointment to find large holes in the slices….nearly half the slice is a hole. I am paying for air and not bread.

    The bread is not soft, the crust is hard.

    The hamburger buns are small and fall apart when I am eating them. Udi’s does have commercial buns which I get at Culver’s. These are wonderful but Udi’s doesn’t sell them to the public. Udi’s would have more volume of sales if they would sell to the public what they sell to the eating businesses.

  6. We love Udi’s bread. It is a bit crumbly and if made into a sandwich that has much moisture in it it tends to fall apart. That said, we love it as toast. It has, in my opinion, the best flavor and texture of gluten free breads we’ve tried.

  7. Udis products are okay, I think they’re thick and tasteless. I prefer schar artisan style breads, they’re the closet thing to taste like normal bread.

  8. Best ever! We have been gluten free for 10 years and love Udi’s. The newer baguettes are amazing!

    Don’t confuse it for Rudi’s.

  9. My family loves Udis. We almost always eat it toasted as toast or a grilled sandwich. It tastes great and doesn’t disintegrate as some gluten free breads do. It makes great homemade stuffing. Buns are terrific -warm thawed buns in microwave for 15 seconds – nice and soft.
    Best bargain is at Costco for family size loaf of multigrain bread. We buy 6 frozen loaves at a time.

  10. I have not been very impressed with Udis. I have tried a few of their products and now just avoid them. The taste and texture are not good. I am not sure how they stay in business. If they were the only gluten free bread out there I would just not eat it at all.

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