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From Cooking For Kids With Luis by Erika Waz at Kids Cuisine – Luis is a little boy from Australia with an infectious love of food. His adventures are chronicled almost daily on Noggin in little shorts scattered throughout the viewing day. My children love to watch Luis cook up a storm- and the little boy does it all, from the grocery shopping to the cooking. His show is infectious, and everytime my son watches Luis cook something up he gets inspired to help out in the kitchen.

As a parent, I love how Luis stresses safety, telling his viewers to get help when putting food in a hot oven, or cutting with a sharp knife. He also begins every cooking adventure by washing his hands. His willingness to try new foods and new flavors is something that every parent wishes would catch on like wildfire! A few of Luis’s recipes can be found online at Noggin.com, and each one allows for individual taste. His recipe for empanadas indicates vague ingredients like “meat” and “pastry dough” allowing for the at-home cook to tailor it to their tastes.


Empanadas from Luis

1 Red Pepper (chopped)
1 White Onion (chopped)
Minced Meat (like Beef)
4 Hardboiled Eggs
Spanish Olives (stuffed)
Salt & Pepper
Pastry Dough
1 Egg Yolk (raw)

Wash your hands. Put your apron on. Let’s cook!

Mixture-Have an adult heat some oil in a pan. When the oil is hot,
add the red peppers and onions. Stir them around for 5 minutes. Watch out, it’s hot! Now, slowly add the meat, and mix it all together. Make sure you don’t overcook the meat.

Now chop 4 eggs into bits. Stir the eggs into the meat. Pour it all into a big bowl. It smells great!

Special Ingredient
Chop up the olives and add them to the mixture. Sprinkle a bit of pepper and a pinch of salt. Now, add a pinch of the special ingredient, Cumin. Cumin gives the empanadas their special taste. It’s going to be great!

On a dry table, with dry hands, sprinkle some flour and roll the dough flat with a rolling pin. Use a cookie cutter to cut big circles out of the dough. Push and rotate the cutter to get the circles out. Shake the extra flour off. You can use a brush or your fingers to put a little bit of water right around the edge. It’s like finger painting!

Add some of the warm filling to the middle of a pastry circle. Fold it over all the way so the edges touch. For a perfect empanada, use a fork to make marks around the edges. I think 20 should be enough. Do the same for all the empanadas and put them on a baking sheet.


To make them golden brown, paint them with an egg yolk.
Then get Mom or Dad to put the tray in a hot oven at 350º F (180º C) and cook for 35 minutes. Yummy!

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