Vegan Falafel Wraps with Dairy-Free “Yogurt” Sauce


This vegan falafel wraps recipe is a “main course” entry in the So Delicious Dairy Free 3-Course Recipe Contest, submitted by reader Vanessa Burnum. For the dairy-free yogurt sauce, she uses Cultured Coconut Milk (yogurt) from So Delicious.

Vegan Falafel Wraps with Dairy-Free Yogurt Sauce

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Special Diet Notes & Options: Vegan Falafel Wraps

By ingredients, this recipe is dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, tree nut-free, vegan and vegetarian. Even with the long ingredient list, these vegan falafel wraps are top 8 allergy-friendly!

Vegan Falafel Wraps with Dairy-Free “Yogurt” Sauce
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This recipe was submitted by Vanessa Burnum, as an entry in the Go Dairy Free / So Delicious Dairy Free 3-Course Recipe Contest.
Serves: 4-5 servings
For the “yogurt” sauce
For the falafels
  • 1 tablespoon flax seed meal
  • 3 tablespoons warm water
  • 2-1/4 cups cooked chickpeas
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • ¼ cup bulgur wheat (or buckwheat groats for gluten free option)
  • ¼ cup chopped parsley
  • ¼ cup chopped cilantro
  • ⅓ cup chopped onion
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • ½ teaspoon ground coriander
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
For the wrap
  • 4 pieces flatbread (or gluten free tortillas for gluten free option)
  • 4 pieces Romaine or green lettuce
  • 2 tomatoes, sliced
  • 1 cucumber, sliced
  • ½ red onion, sliced
  • ½ cup kalamata olives, sliced
To make “yogurt” sauce
  1. Combine the cultured coconut milk, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, and salt in a food processor or high speed blender. Process until smooth.
To make falafels
  1. Prepare flax egg by pouring the warm water over the flax seed meal, and let sit for 10 minutes.
  2. Combine chickpeas, garlic, bulgur, parsley, cilantro, onion, spices, salt, lemon juice, and flax egg in a food processor. Process 1-2 minutes, or until a smooth consistency is reached. It’s okay if it’s still a little chunky.
  3. Divide chickpea mixture into 8-10 portions and form into patties. Heat a frying pan over medium heat, add coconut oil, and cook falafels for 5 minutes on each side.
To assemble wraps
  1. Drizzle some “yogurt” sauce in the middle of a piece of flatbread. Layer lettuce, falafels, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, and olives. Wraps are best if served with warm falafels.

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