Epcot: Your Dairy-Free Guide to the Disney World’s Fair


You’re going to get hungry walking through Epcot – this Disney World theme park spans 305 acres! Fortunately, it’s a celebration of cultures, which means a wide range of cuisine, and many dairy-free options to keep you moving. Our detailed guide is broken into two parts: Epcot Theme Park and Epcot Disney Hotels & Resorts. (If you’re looking for the original Disney World theme park, see our Dairy-Free Magic Kingdom Guide).

This year, some of the restaurants and concessions have temporarily closed. The guide below covers the food options available as of the summer of 2021. We will update as we learn about more openings and menu expansions.

Epcot: Your Dairy-Free to the Disney "World's Fair" - includes the Theme Park, Surrounding Hotels, and Resorts. Vegan and Gluten-Free OptionsPhoto Courtesy Walt Disney World Resort

Epcot: Your Dairy-Free Guide to the Disney World’s Fair

Using the map of the parks, we’ve listed the Epcot sections clockwise from Spaceship Earth – or heading left when you exit Future World. The Disney hotels and resorts near Epcot are also listed clockwise, starting with the Boardwalk. If you discover any changes, or find some additional dairy-free options, kindly leave a comment!

Please Note: In many cases, the dairy-free or food allergy-friendly options at Disney World’s Epcot require special ordering. So always let the staff know what your dietary needs are and if you have a food allergy. Disney World restaurants have protocols in place for handling allergy orders. Menu items and ingredients are subject to change at any time, and potential cross-contamination with allergens should always be considered a risk in commercial kitchens. The following is a guide for informational purposes. It is intended to help with your planning, but should not replace your own due diligence. Only you can decide what is “safe” for your needs.


  • Cool Wash – They exclusively serve Coca-Cola slushies in assorted flavors.
  • Coral Reef Restaurant – The dairy-free options on their main menu include shrimp cocktail, vegan smoked wild mushroom cioppino, vegan grilled vegetable skewers with Impossible kefta, and seared mahi mahi. The kids’ menu adds reef steak and grilled chicken, fish of the day, and shrimp, broccoli, green beans, jasmine rice, and fruit salad, and gelatin cups to the options. And for dessert, they have two vegan options: mango sorbet and Baileys Almande and Jack Daniel’s mousse.
  • Garden Grill Restaurant – This character dining spot has a fixed price menu ($36 for kids, $55 for adults). The milk allergy options include allergy-friendly rolls, garden salad, grilled beef with chimichurri, roast turkey breast, rice pilaf, and seasonal vegetables. They also have house-made allergy-friendly berry shortcake and frozen lemonade for dessert.
  • Sunshine Seasons – Their greenhouse-inspired restaurant is in the Land Pavilion, and offers rotisserie chicken with yellow rice and black beans, chicken stir fry, vegan Mediterranean pitas, vegan vegetable korma, kids’ salmon dinners, kids’ chicken leg dinners, and PB&J Uncrustables on the lunch and dinner menu for dairy-free guests. They also serve vegan cookies and “cream” chocolate mousse cups for dessert.
  • The Land Cart – This is a quick snack spot, offering Mickey Bavarian-style pretzels (hold the cheese), vegan vegetable plates with dip, and hummus with pretzels. They also have frozen Coca Cola slushies and other refreshments.

Food & Wine Festival (July-November)

  • Earth Eats – This plant-based spot is located between Imagination and refreshment port. Their vegan menu includes an Impossible burger slider with wasabi cream and spicy slaw and gluten-free Impossible three-bean chili
  • Hawai’i – A couple dishes can reportedly be ordered dairy-free. Please report back if you get more details.
  • Mac & Eats (opening October 1) – Their mac and cheese menu will include a vegan macaroni and “cheese” with house-made italian “sausage” and peppers.
  • Shimmering Sips – They offer vegan banana bread with mixed berry compote and a whole flight of mimosas.
  • The Noodle Exchange – They are serving a plant-based tofu pho. Other dishes might be dairy-free, please report back if you find out.
  • The Swanky Saucy Swine – There is a gluten-free roasted porchetta meal and soy-glazed sticky ribs that might be dairy-free. Please report back if you find out.


  • Choza de Margarita – They have a mighty margarita menu along with vegan guacamole and chips for snacking.
  • La Cantina de San Angel – This quick-serve Mexican spot offers vegan chips and guacamole, and we’ve been told their tacos and grilled chicken can be custom ordered without dairy and gluten.
  • La Hacienda de San Angel – Their menu includes vegan guacamole and plant-based chicken enchiladas (order them without cheese), and some tacos can be custom ordered without dairy. Their black beans are vegan, and we’ve heard the corn is too, but neither type of rice is, and at last check, only one was dairy-free.
  • San Angel Inn Restaurante – The chips and salsa they automatically bring to your table and the camarones a la diabla entree are both dairy-free. But ask about some of their newer items, like the pescado a la veracruzana and sorbet trio, which might be easily dairy-free. We’ve heard you can also custom order their guacamole and some tacos.


  • Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe – At last check, all of their baked goods contained dairy. Let us know if you discover any dairy-free options in the future!


  • Lotus Blossom Cafe – The food at this quick-serve is basic, mall-style Chinese. We’ve been told they have a couple dairy-free options (their menu is quite small), and that the staff is helpful with special diet guests. With the revised menu, they no longer have any vegan options.

Food & Wine Festival (July-November)

  • China – This temporary tent has a couple dishes that look promising for dairy-free guests. Please let us know if you are able to verify any options.
  • Refreshment Outpost – Their snack menu has spicy githeri, which is a vegan African-inspired dish. They also offer slushies. It’s located between China and Germany.


  • Biergarten Restaurant – Despite the name, this is a family-friendly restaurant with salads and skillets. Their dairy-free options include vegan pretzel rolls, vegan tomato salad, potato salad, warm potato salad, macaroni salad, bratwurst, franks, roast chicken, regensberger, schnitzel, spätzle, green beans, and red cabbage. They also have vegan berry compote for dessert.
  • Sommerfest – If you’re craving a pretzel, brat, and beer, this is your spot. Their hand-twisted pretzels are dairy-free, and so is their bratwurst (at last check of the allergen menu). But the paprika chips served with the brat have a note for potential cross-contamination in the fryer.


  • Gelateria Toscana – They have vegan strawberry and lemon sorbetti flavors, and are temporarily serving premade waffle cones that are dairy-free and egg-free. Plans are in the works to make their own waffle cones (which might contain dairy and/or eggs). They don’t offer dairy-free milks for their coffee, but you can get almond milk lattes at Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea kiosk next door.
  • Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar and Tutto Italia Ristorante – Their menus are nearly identical, so I’m covering them together. They have a gluten-free menu, but not an allergen menu, and the dairy-free options are very limited. They can make spaghetti with vegan pomodoro or non-vegan meat sauce. That said, we have read many stories about dairy-free orders being mishandled. Other items need modifications, and we’ve been told they aren’t as good at off-menu requests. Some of the breads they bring to your table are dairy-free, but you need to ask. They do offer sorbetti, but it is reportedly made in the same machine as their gelati. In other words, we don’t recommend these restaurants for dairy-free guests.
  • Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria – The prosciutto e melone and house salad, which can be ordered “family-style,” are two dairy-free carryovers from their old menu. We’ve been told their cheese-free pizza is delicious and dairy-free, but we aren’t sure if they are still offering vegan cheese (they added it as an option in 2019). They do offer some allergy-friendly vegetable sides, and you might still be able to custom order the Branzino (sea bass) without dairy.

Food & Wine Festival (July-November)

  • Spain (opening October 1) – Their menu is gluten-free, and the options might be dairy-free, with or without custom order. Please report back if you find out!


  • Block & Hans – Enjoy a Mickey Bavarian-style pretzel (hold the cheese) with your dairy-free beer, cider, or mead.
  • Fife and Drum Tavern – This is more of a snack spot. They have vegan popcorn, Mickey pretzels (hold the cheese), and slushies. We’ve also heard the turkey legs and hot dogs are dairy-free, but verify on site.
  • Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue – This is an allergy-friendly Epcot restaurant. Their dairy-free options include the following dinners with sides: vegan BBQ jackfruit burger, Memphis dry rub pork ribs, BBQ angus burger, Texas beef brisket sandwich, Kansas City smoked half chicken, power greens salad (with or without chicken), kids’ BBQ rib, kids’ BBQ chicken leg, kids’ hamburger, and kids’ chicken salad. For a sweet treat, they also have watermelon and allergy-friendly chocolate chip cookies.

Food & Wine Festival (July-November)

  • Rotunda Bistro – They are offering some gluten-free chilled seafood options, which might also be dairy-free. Please report back if you find out.


  • Kabuki Cafe – This Japanese-themed snack spot offers nigiri sushi, chilled edamame, and several flavors of shaved ice (skip the sweet milk topping).
  • Katsura – This is not one of Epcot’s allergy-friendly participants, but they do have allergen information on site. At last check, their menu included dairy-free teriyaki entrees and sushi, both of which could also be ordered gluten-free.
  • Teppan Edo – This is a teppanyaki restaurant, where the chef prepares your meal in front of you on a hot grill. But they also serve sushi. They don’t have an allergy menu, but are reportedly great at handling food allergy needs. Most of their menu is dairy-free or can be made without dairy, and they have many gluten-free options, too.


  • Oasis Sweets & Sips – At last check their pastries all contained dairy, but you can stop in for a slushy.
  • Spice Road Table – This is an allergy-friendly restaurant, and they have a few milk-free options on their small plates menu. They include vegan dolmas, spicy shrimp, and vegan pomegranate-chili crispy cauliflower with red pepper aleppo sauce.

Food & Wine Festival (July-November)

  • Tangierine Café – They have a vegan fried falafel plate. Their menu has changed from prior years, so we haven’t been able to confirm if the kebabs and/or bread with dips are made without dairy.


  • Chefs de France – This isn’t one of Disney’s allergy-friendly restaurants, but if needed, they offer a vegan ratatouille dish, and you can custom order their house salad, seared salmon, chicken salad, and possibly a beef dish without dairy. They also have a berry fruit salad for dessert that can be ordered without dairy.
  • L’Artisan des Glaces – They offer some dairy-free sorbet flavors, like mango, strawberry, and raspberry. But skip the pina colada, which contains milk. You can order your sorbet in a cup or martini, sans whip.
  • Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie – The dairy-free options are minimal at this French bakery. But they do bake fresh vegan baguettes, which you can nosh on or request for a custom order sandwich.

Food & Wine Festival (July-November)

  • Brazil – They have a couple dishes that look promising for dairy-free guests. Please let us know if you are able to verify any options.


  • Rose & Crown Dining Room – Their milk allergy-friendly options include a coronation salad, fish and chips, baked fish and chips, chicken masala curry, savory vegan Impossible hot pot, kids’ grilled chicken, roasted carrots, peas, brown rice, and and fruit salad.
  • Rose & Crown Pub – This is mostly a watering hole, with Irish whiskey drinks, brews, wine, sangria, and other pub blends. But they do serve the same fish and chips as their dining room.
  • Yorkshire County Fish Shop – We have been told that the fish and chips at this shop are also dairy-free, but verify before ordering.


  • Le Cellier Steakhouse – For a steakhouse, they have quite a few vegan options. For starters, they can give you vegan butter for your bread basket – and at last check, all breads were vegan-friendly. On the menu, they offer a vegan seasonal salad, steamed Asian Impossible dumplings, plant-based house-made chorizo meatballs (complete with vegan cheese and crema), maple whiskey-glazed brussels sprouts, and carrot cake for dessert! You can also custom order vegan poutine, as well as dairy-free tuna tartare and PEI Mussels. On the kids menu, the seared salmon, carrots, green beans, fingerling potatoes, and brown rice can also be ordered dairy-free. But they do use dairy butter on their steaks and other seafood.
  • Popcorn in Canada – Their popcorn and maple popcorn is made without dairy and vegan-friendly! At last check, Disney used a canola and coconut oil blend, not butter, on their popcorn.
  • Traveler’s Cafe – This is a Starbucks. See our Starbucks Dairy-Free Menu Guide for full details.

Food & Wine Festival (July-November)

  • Appleseed Orchard – Enjoy apple chips, ciders, and other apple-infused brews and drinks. It’s located inside Canada Theatre.

Epcot: Your Dairy-Free to the Disney "World's Fair" - includes the Theme Park, Surrounding Hotels, and Resorts. Vegan and Gluten-Free OptionsPhoto Courtesy Walt Disney World Resort – Dairy-free eats at Biergarten Restaurant in the Germany showcase


  • Boardwalk Bakery – In the past, they had Erin McKenna’s allergy-friendly brownie bites, plus dairy-free bagels and some sandwich options. We haven’t been able to confirm if those options are still available. Please let us know if you find out!
  • Boardwalk Ice Cream – They offer dairy-free vanilla and chocolate ice cream flavors (soy-based), and have some sundae topping options, too.
  • BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas – They have Mickey pretzels (hold the cheese), and you can order dairy-free Dole Whip or a Dole Whip smoothie or margarita. And of course, they have other naturally dairy-free margaritas, too.
  • Leaping Horse Libations – This poolside bar has Mickey pretzels (hold the cheese) and a vegan power bowl to enjoy with your cool drink.
  • Trattoria al Forno – They have an allergy menu and plant-based options. At breakfast, the vegan choices include avocado toast with chickpea scramble, steel cut oatmeal, Mickey waffles, and breakfast potatoes. Dairy-free guests can also enjoy one of their egg breakfasts. Dinner is Italian cuisine with plant-based bruschetta, rigatoni “bolognese,” and affogato with dairy-free coconut milk ice cream. Additional milk allergy-friendly items include whole wheat pasta with marinara, grilled chicken, grilled white fish, and vegetable sides.


  • Garden Grove – At this breakfast spot, you can order dairy-free gluten-free steel-cut oats, fruit bowls, and power bowls that can be served with turkey sausage and poached eggs or vegan sausage and no eggs. Avocado toast, with or without a poached egg, might also be an option.
  • Il Mulino – This is a nice Italian restaurant with some antipasti and simple pasta dishes that can be ordered dairy-free.
  • Java – In terms of food, this quick-serves spot has a vegan protein bowl, garden salad, and might have custom order sandwich options. Their coffee menu includes milk alternatives and a java plant-protein smoothie. They also have fresh-pressed juices.
  • Kimonos – This is a fine Japanese restaurant, so it’s a great spot for dairy-free options. They serve classic soups, salads, appetizers, and sushi.


  • Cabana Bar and Beach Club – They don’t have an allergy menu, but poke bowls or a few handhelds can be ordered dairy-free without too much fuss.
  • The Fountain – Although they don’t have an allergy menu, their staff does follow Disney’s friendliness toward food allergies. And their kid-friendly menu of salads, burgers, hot dogs, and snacks provides some dairy-free custom order options (gluten-free, too). They don’t have dairy-free ice cream, but do offer raspberry sorbet, a raspberry lemonade float, and some dairy-free topping options.
  • Fresh Mediterranean Market – For breakfast, stick with the a la carte menu (pass on the buffet), which has a vegan omelet and some dairy-free breakfast sides. At lunch, they have build-your-own salads, vegan wraps, and build-your-own wraps. They also offer a couple types of hummus appetizers.
  • Fuel – This is a grab-and-go spot, with premade items, so it’s best for packaged snacks.
  • Picabu – Their lunch and dinner menu has taqueria options with tacos, burritos, and bowls that you can custom order with vegan toppings, and include your choice of meats or plant-based jack fruit. They also serve roasted chicken meals, but we haven’t confirmed if those are dairy-free optional. Let us know if you find out!
  • Shula’s Steak House & Lounge – In the past, this steak and seafood restaurant was quite friendly to dairy-free and gluten-free guests, but their menu has become very butter, cheese, and cream heavy. Special ordering is required, and the options are limited.
  • Todd English’s bluezoo – Like Shula’s, this fine dining establishment has limited dairy-free options. But we’ve heard they are extremely accommodating, and the chef can prepare a special meal, as needed.


  • Ale & Compass Restaurant – For breakfast and dinner, they have plant-based protein bowls and healthy salads. The kids’ menu adds scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, and a selection of sides for morning and evening. They also make Mickey waffles and have an allergy-friendly sun butter cookie and a vegan mango mousse with pound cake for dessert. Their market has a few more quick-serve options and grab-and-go snacks.


  • Beach Club Marketplace – In the morning, they offer vegan Mickey waffles, cereals, and some breakfast meats. For lunch and dinner, their quick serve has vegan chili and grilled vegetable hummus sandwiches (on focaccia). Some additional sandwiches can be ordered dairy-free. The all-day market has grab-and-go snacks, coffee drinks, and almond and soy milks.
  • Beaches & Cream Soda Shop – This is a popular spot for dairy-free burgers (beef and plant-based), chicken sandwiches, and ice cream sundaes. They also serve vegan loaded chili cheese tots and vegan cookie fries with dip. Please note, they do not list their fries on the allergy-friendly menu, but we have heard they have a dedicated fryer – check in shop to confirm.
  • Cape May Cafe – They have a fixed price menu for breakfast and dinner. Their plant-based breakfast menu includes vegan options for pastries, omelets, and hash. Dairy-free guests can also enjoy some breakfast meats, and they do serve Mickey waffles. Their dinner plant-based and milk allergy-friendly menu includes breads and spreads (on request), seasonal salad, portobello steak, tofu platter, and tiramisù.
  • Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill – They have some vegan snacks to soak up your poolside cocktail, including hummus and pita chips, seasonal fruit, and Uncrustables.

Epcot: Your Dairy-Free to the Disney "World's Fair" - includes the Theme Park, Surrounding Hotels, and Resorts. Vegan and Gluten-Free OptionsPhoto Courtesy Walt Disney World Resort – Vegan Cookie Fries at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop in Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Epcot Food Allergy & Special Diet Information

Guests with food allergies or intolerances are allowed to bring food into Disney World Theme Parks, including Epcot, and into the restaurants. When you enter the park, let the Security staff at bag check know that someone in your party has a food allergy or intolerance. There are no food storage or preparation facilities on site, but you can carry around ready-to-eat food yourself. 

According to Disney World, food allergic guests who are dealing with top allergens do not need to contact  restaurants in advance of arrival. Simply discuss any dietary requirements with your server upon arrival at the restaurant. You can also request to consult with a chef or special diets-trained staff member.

Disney World dining staff (including Epcot) is also well trained with common special diets like plant-based/vegan, low sugar, and low carb. So no advanced notice is needed. That said, if you have any special diet needs, it is helpful to note them if making an online reservation.

Kosher requests should be made at least 24 hours in advance. And if you have less common food allergies or special diet needs, Disney World recommends contacting their team at least 14 days in advance of your visit. They can be reached at Special.Diets@DisneyWorld.com.

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