Reviews: Dairy-Free Products

In addition to the quick categories below, you can visually browse our new dairy-free product reviews and browse our reviews by food category,We also have a full index, vegan index, and gluten-free index of our dairy-free product reviews.

In early 2019, we began adding more product information, photos, and consumer ratings to all of our reviews. This provides you with even more information than most brands provide, and you can see what others think of the dairy-free products!

Dairy Alternative Product Reviews

Ready-to-go milk, yogurt, and cheese subs, plus more creamy dairy-free products! I’ve actually created a special page specifically for dairy alternative product reviews, but here is a quick list of the categories.

  • Butter Substitutes – Spreads, sticks, and oil alternatives for your cooking and baking needs.
  • Cheese Substitutes – This includes slices, shreds, soft cheeses, Parmesan, and more.
  • Chocolate – From healthy dark chocolate to luxurious truffles and sweet white chocolate.
  • Cream Substitutes – We list every cream alternative, from heavy to light, sour to whipped.
  • Dairy-Free Creamers – These are truly dairy-free coffee creamers and barista blends.
  • Dessert Toppings – Because every dessert needs whipped topping and sweet sauces.
  • Ice Cream – You will not believe how many dairy-free ice creams there are on the market!
  • Ice Cream Novelties – And here are almost as many ice cream bars and sandwiches.
  • Milk Substitutes – Discover oatmilk, coconutmilk, soymilk, and more creamy beverages.
  • Other Kitchen Essentials – This is our little spot for condensed milks and other conveniences.
  • Yogurt Substitutes – You’ll find probiotics aplenty in this collection of dairy-free yogurts.

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More Dairy-Free Food Product Reviews

  • Box Delivery – Meal kits, snack boxes, and subscription services sent to your door.
  • Protein Shakes – This covers ready-to-drink nutritional shakes and powders.
  • More Beverages – We cover other creamy smoothies, lattes, hot chocolate, and more.
  • Snack Bars – Protein, breakfast, energy, meal replacement –  you name it, we’ve found it.
  • Dips & Spreads – We’ve found all types of creamy dips and satisfying spreads.
  • More Snacks – Chips, crackers, bites, and more small bites are covered here.
  • Baking Mixes – This is a huge collection of easy mixes with vegan and gluten-free choices.
  • Bread Products – Loaves, buns, and other breads often contain dairy, but not these.
  • Breakfast Pastries – Store-bought dairy-free donuts and muffins do exist!
  • Cereal & Granola – Sometimes even cereal contains milk in it!
  • Cheesy & Creamy Grains – We have numerous answers to your Mac & Cheese cravings.
  • Frozen Pizzas – Make sure to support your favorite brand to keep it on the market!
  • More Entrees – This section includes frozen, fresh and canned, omnivorous and plant-based.
  • Salad Dressing – These days you can get ranch, Caesar, and other creamy dairy-free dressings.
  • Sauces – This section actually includes sweet and savory sauces of all types.
  • Cookie Dough – Some of these are even meant to be enjoyed raw!
  • Cookies & Brownies – We actually can’t believe how many dairy-free cookies are available.
  • Pies & Cakes – We’ve even found dairy-free pumpkin pie and vegan cheesecakes!
  • Pudding & Mousse – This small but growing section covers cool and creamy desserts.
  • More Sweet Treats – For a quick hit, we’ve found natural candies, caramel corn, and more.
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Other Dairy-Free Related Non-Food Products

Can’t find a certain dairy-free product? Check our discontinued products list.

Dairy-Free Product Reviews - Dairy Alternatives, Desserts, Snacks, Easy Meals, and More