Helpful Information for the Dairy-Free Diet

When it comes to consumer health, the media is contaminated with exaggerated stories and misinformation. Corporate and special interest groups pay big money to sell you their side of the story. The dairy industry is no exception. The Dairy Council and radical anti-dairy campaigners are both guilty of squeezing tidbits of self-promoting information from studies. We have done our best to compile the facts, using only information from resources and reference materials that we view as reputable.

New to the Dairy-Free Diet? Start Here! – “Where do I start?” is easily the most frequently asked question that I receive. This page will help you to gain your bearings, so that you can move forward toward a delicious dairy-free life.

FAQ’s – Also known as the “Ask Alisa” section, this is where I feature some of the questions that I receive each week. You might be surprised at how much you learn just by starting with the FAQ’s!

Milk Allergies – Many people speak of milk allergies and lactose intolerance as if they are the same condition, when in reality they couldn’t be more different. Read on to discover the true nature of milk allergies including the signs and symptoms.

Lactose Intolerance – Lactose intolerance affects 30 to 50 million Americans, and millions more worldwide. Frequent digestive symptoms may not be a simple coincidence. Learn more about lactose intolerance, and see if it may be of concern to you or someone you love.

All About Milk & Calcium – What is it made of? What nutrients will I be missing without milk? Should I be concerned about hormones and antibiotics in milk? What are homogenization and pasteurization? In addition to helping you better understand milk, this section includes my guide to calcium, covering calcium-rich foods, supplements, and tips for strong dairy-free bones.

Weight Loss & Other Health Concerns – While the dairy council is touting milk for weight loss, emerging doctor based diets are stating just the opposite. This section offers more information on the battle of the bulge, and where dairy products fit in. In addition to weight issues, dairy has been linked to numerous health conditions. Study after study has shown connections between the consumption of milk products and acne, migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer, just to name a few.

Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Living – This is the landing page for enjoying our latest recipes, reviews, and other posts that fit into a dairy-free and gluten-free lifestyle.

Eating Vegan – This is the landing page for enjoying our latest recipes, reviews, and other posts that fit into a vegan lifestyle.

Holidays & Celebrations – Enjoy this cheat-sheet of shortcut links to recipes and helpful posts for all of your holiday, birthday, and general celebration needs. We cover everything from Christmas and Hanukkah to backyard barbecues.

Best Books & Cookbook for Dairy-Free Living – We review boatloads of books every year, but these are the top of the top that we love going back to for advice, recipes, and just plain good food.