Dairy-Free Food: A Grocery Shopping Guide

Dairy ingredient lists, sneaky milk-containing foods, special diet pantry stocking tips, where to shop, our top dairy-free food picks … it’s all here!

Once you have the tools, a dairy-free lifestyle is far from difficult. Consumer demand is growing, and suppliers are responding with hundreds of new specialty foods each year. The key is identifying these products, knowing the retailers, and creating healthy meals. This is where Go Dairy Free steps in.

Whether you’re a seasoned dairy-free consumer or just embarking on our Dairy Free Challenge, the following information is sure to inspire:

In My Kitchen – My kitchen has evolved over the years, various foods coming and going as I experiment my way through dairy-free living. This page shares where I’m at right now – my shopping list, pantry essentials, brands I splurge on, and my most worn out cookbooks. At this stage, I keep things pretty simple. Almost everything I purchase can be found in any grocery store, though there are some staples that I buy online to get a better price. Don’t worry, I’ve included links to where I buy them, too!

Brands We Love – These are brands that myself and other GDF writers turn to for good, reliable food. Remember, if you are dealing with a severe or life-threatening food allergy, always double check on the manufacturing process to ensure that the food is “safe” for you and your loved ones. The brands we’ve included here tend to be more cautious than average when it comes to food allergens, but you can never be too careful!

Dairy Substitutes – Butter, cheese, chocolate, cream, yogurt, low fat milk, whole milk, buttermilk, powdered milk, sweetened condensed milk, and (whew!) evaporated milk .. it’s all here!

Food Label Info – Milk can hide no more! Print out our “dairy ingredients” page for a handy guide. Other useful information in this section includes understanding Kosher and knowing where the dairy ingredients may hide.

No Dairy Product Lists – Find thousands of non-dairy and dairy-free food options among our dairy-ingredient-free product lists, from cereals and snacks to cream substitutes and frozen dessert. No casein, lactose, or whey allowed! As an added bonus, we offer product lists with additional special diet infromation, including no soy, no gluten, and no egg. All of the Product Lists are offered as instantly downloadable PDF’s with active, click-through links.

Where to Buy Specialty Foods – The internet delivers hard to find products right to our doors. Check out our retailer suggestions for good pricing and a sizable product range. If you are still timid about purchasing food online, it’s time to shed those fears. I’ve been purchasing food products online for about ten years, and have never had an issue – it opens up the range of products your can trial (especially if you live in a rural area), and the prices are often cheaper than in store!

Grocers – Where to shop! Our list of suggestions is building. Check out our favorite grocers, and email me with info about the ones in your area that offer a great selection of healthy and natural foods.