New Dairy-Free Products – May 2013


Here we are again … month 5 of our reintroduced new dairy-free products series. Enjoy, and do let us know in the comments if you have tried any of these products, and what you thought! If you have a new dairy-free product coming out, feel free to alert us via email.

Please keep in mind that these are product finds, but not full blown recommendations. We have not sampled all of these products ourselves. For our opinions and recommendations, see the Dairy-Free Product Reviews.

Amy’s Black Bean Veggie Burger

This vegetarian company just doesn’t stop! They have one of the largest dairy-free and vegan veggie burger product lines, and it continues to grow. This option is made with organic black beans, grains, and vegetables. I know what some of you are going to say, “It contains gluten and soy!” Yes indeed, but don’t worry, for those of us who can’t have one or both of these ingredients, Amy’s has other options. Also, I’ve got some special “top 8 free” veggie burger surprises in the Summer 2013 issue of Allergic Living! For more info on Amy’s burgers:

New Dairy-Free Products: Amy's Black Bean Veggie Burgers

DF Mavens Dairy Free Frozen Dessert

I only got a quick sampling of two flavors from this new ice creamery, the Peanut Butter Fudge Mash and the Madagascar Vanilla Bean, but I definitely liked what I tasted in those tiny teaspoons. And apparently I’m not the only one – DF Mavens won a “Best of Show” award at Expo West. The company is completely dairy-free, and they offer a gluten-free soy-based line, a coconut-based line (which is soy-free), and a no sugar added coconut-based line (which is also soy-free). They are new in the Northeast, but hopefully distribution will expand. For more info:

New Dairy-Free Products: DF Mavens Dairy Free Ice Cream

Rudi’s Super Nutrition Breads

Produced in Rudi’s Organic Bakery (note: these are not from their gluten-free bakery), these wheat-based breads are packed full of great dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan ingredients. Perfect for summer sandwiches, when it is just too hot to turn on the oven and bake your own. Available in Seeded Mighty Grains, Super Seeded, Sprouted Honey Wheat, Sprouted Multigrain. For more info:

New Dairy-Free Products: Rudi's Super Nutrition Organic Bread

CocoNutz Fuel Energy Balls

These little things tripped me out. They look almost like Whoppers, but they are a Larabar-like fruit “shell” around a nut butter filling. Ingenious, and great for when you just want a bite, not a bar. We haven’t sampled them yet, but have them on our list to pick up! For more info:

New Dairy-Free Products: CocoNutz Fuel Raw Energy Balls

Saffron Road Simmer Sauces

Certified Non-GMO and Gluten-Free, I have high hopes for these meal makers. We’ve truly liked almost everything from Saffron Road, and plan to review these new gems soon. Note that they are not all dairy-free, see the image below, and use caution and heed the labels where allergies are concerned – some of the simmer sauces are made on different lines. The non-dairy varieties include: Harissa, Thai Red Curry, and Korean Stir-fry. For more info:

New Dairy-Free Products: Saffron Road Simmer Sauces

More New Dairy-Free Products in 2013:

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