How to Host a Dairy-Free Winter Birthday Party


It’s snowing here. Again. Christmas is but a memory, and spring seems like a dream. I think it’s time to have a winter birthday party to cheer us all up. But not just any party – a snow-themed dairy-free birthday party for my winter babies – who aren’t really babies anymore. *sniff* Call the neighbors! Let’s party!

Winter Birthday Invitations:

Besides listing the date and time and other pertinent information, ask everyone to bundle up and bring their snow gear (sleds, snowboards and helmets) with them for an active winter birthday party. Adults may want to bring folding chairs. Provide information about a Plan B if the weather doesn’t cooperate. We’ve had our annual dairy-free snow birthday party on the original date or been able to reschedule every year but one. That year we took everyone to a G-rated matinee at our local, reasonably-priced movie theater.

snow party

The Dairy-Free Winter Birthday Party Menu

  • Dairy-Free Hot Dogs (We like Hebrew National)
  • Dairy-Free Hot Dog Buns
  • Condiments
  • Dairy-Free Chili for Chili Dogs or just a Cup of Chili
  • Snowman Arms (Pretzel Rods)
  • Snowman Noses (Baby Carrots)
  • Snowman Eyes/Mouths (Raisins)
  • Slow Cooker Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate (Recipe here)
  • Hot Cider
  • Cold Bottled Water–Sledding is hard work!
  • Snow-Themed Cookies: This year we made dairy-free sugar cookies with a melted snowman decoration. The idea came from Rachael Ray’s EveryDay magazine. Another year we made mitten-shaped sugar cookies holding marshmallow “snowballs.” Cookies are much easier to hold and eat than cupcakes or cake when you have gloved or mittened hands. This is the voice of experience speaking.

Dairy-Free Winter Birthday Party: Snowman Sugar Cookies

Additional Supplies:

  • Paper Goods and Trash Bags
  • A Nice Warm Fire and/or Space Heaters
  • Extra Gloves, Hats, Mittens, and Scarves
  • Snow Brick and Snowball Makers
  • Snow Paint: Three to Four Drops of Food Coloring in a Water-Filled Squirt Bottle
  • Helpful Adults
  • Treat Bags Full of Printable Crafts for Everyone to Enjoy in Their Warm Homes After the Party

snow party gloves

We are fortunate to have a large sledding hill and consistently snowy weather. However, we’ve thrown successful backyard snow birthday parties, too. They focus a bit more on snow sculpture and snow painting rather than extreme snow sports, but they are still a lot of fun, especially for younger party goers.

No Snow? Even if you don’t have snow, you can still have a snow-themed winter birthday party. Decorate dairy-free lemon sorbet “snowmen” with raisins, baby carrots, and pretzel sticks. Make a snowman-shaped beanbag toss game and throw marshmallow “snowballs” in the holes. Have a marshmallow snowball fight. Make snowman cookies. Make paper snowflakes for a craft. Hand out winter-themed treat bags. Use your imagination!

And of course, you can always make Dairy-Free Crockpot Hot Chocolate whether or not the snow falls!

Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate

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