New Vegan Magazine ‘Off The Hoof’ Launched on World Vegan Day


It’s estimated there are now over 30 million people in the UK who are regularly eating vegetarian and vegan foods and actively avoiding red meat. These conscious consumers are more likely to have secondary shopping preferences that include fair trade concerns, family health, animal welfare and concern over the environment. A new independent vegan magazine titled ‘Off the Hoof’ is targeting these consumers with an irreverent, idiosyncratic cross between The Big Issue, Private Eye and Nuts or Loaded magazine. It’s due to be launched on World Vegan Day 1st November at a World Vegan Day festival in the Midlands.

Off the HoofEditor Al Slurry, vegan pub landlord, from publishers Yaoh hemp products from Bristol said “Nuts would have been an excellent choice of name for our vegan title for a number of obvious reasons but someone else uses that already, I believe. ‘Off the Hoof’ was our first choice and we luvs it!”

Some surveys suggest there are over 7 million self declared vegetarians and it’s estimated that UK vegans are now in their millions.

There is currently no independent vegan magazine on the magazine racks and it’s anticipated that sales of this idiosyncratic title will soon blossom into a must-have-read.  “Most of the other veggie/vegan/ethical titles are published by charities. We don’t suffer from the same editorial constraints that they do!” says Al Slurry “The number of UK vegans is estimated to have rocketed into the millions this year. That’s our target audience – over 995,000 vegans and the millions of vegetarians too!”

The editorial team at ‘Off the Hoof’ have followed a typically award winning format for their ethical magazine. There is celebrity gossip about vegetarian and vegan celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Chrissie Hynde, Paul McCartney, Chris Martin, Oprah Winfrey and Victoria Beckham. There are the usual recipe features from award winning vegan chefs.  Off the Hoof have travel features, new product features and a dreadful jokes page which if nothing else should inspire a fruitful letters page in the next issue. A wide range of topics are covered from cross dressing to eating disorders.

Al Slurry responded “We take our responsibilities over the health of vegetarians and vegans very seriously that’s why we have recruited two leading clinical nutritionists to our long list of contributors. My pal Large Tone is a very good chef too, and he’s even published a vegan cookbook – so there. There’s nothing like healthier than average vegans to encourage more people to explore this lifestyle that’s kinder to people, animals and the environment.”

 “Our main objective was to have a lot of fun and keep our fingers crossed that what we found entertaining would amuse Joe Public too. We wrote it for grown ups that haven’t yet grown up but we think it will have a far greater appeal than just vegetarians –  it doesn’t preach – it’s more of a window on the world of veganism. It’s great for ethical voyeurs!”

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