Becoming Vegan The Complete Guide To Adopting A Healthy Plant-Based Diet


To start off with, I will let everyone know that I am not vegan. I am a vegetarian, but honestly, the only things that keeps me from being vegan is that I eat eggs. I read this book because I feel that when you start to take things out of your diet, like meat and dairy, you should learn more about what the alternatives are and how to get those nutrients from other sources.

Since I am a vegetarian, I found the beginning of the book Becoming Vegan The Complete Guide To Adopting A Healthy Plant-Based Diet by Brenda Davis, R.D and Vesanto Melina, M.S., R.D. very interesting. It starts out with the history of veganism. I am such a food history buff! I thoroughly enjoyed the details of how veganism began and evolved into what it is today. The next part of the book goes into nutrients and what the body needs. The book goes into so much detail about what our bodies need and how to get it from unexpected plant sources.

Most people ask me on a regular basis if I get enough protein because I don't eat meat. I actually plugged my information for a normal day into the website the other day and it said that I get way more protein than necessary and the only "true" protein I ate that day was pinto beans!

Since I have cut dairy out of my diet, I am more concerned about getting the calcium I need. Becoming Vegan The Complete Guide To Adopting A Healthy Plant-Based Diet gives you all of the information you need for finding different food sources that will give you a calcium boost. The book even gives you menu options based on your calorie goals to stay healthy. There are a few quicky recipes within the text, but this is not a cookbook. This is a great resource for learning about different food sources that will give you the nutrients you need when you have to cut out different food groups!

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