Kona Kampachi® Yellowtail – Sushi Grade (DISCONTINUED)


My husband and I positively love sushi.  Once a week, without fail, we pay visit to our favorite sushi restaurant and order the sashimi platter.  It comes with a generous assortment of thickly sliced fish that literally melts in my mouth with a rich and comforting flavor.  I justify the indulgence by knowing that I am getting loads of those healthy Omega-3’s.

Once in a while, when it is particularly fresh, we will pick up a slab of maguro (your standard pink tuna) to enjoy a few at home rolls.  But … that is where our at-home sushi ventures end.  After all, how in the world would we get fresh raw fish in manageable quantities (rather than the enormous fish shipped to the restaurants) in the desert? 

Via online ordering of course!

Discovering Kona Blue was like a dream come true.  The FedEx man arrived with a somewhat heavy package housing roughly three pounds of filleted yellowtail just begging to be laid across a bed of rice.  So I did what anyone else would do, I called up some friends and announced that the sushi party was on! 

Kona Blue Kampachi Yellowtail

The fish that arrived was Kona Kampachi®, a Hawaiian yellowtail that is sustainably raised by Kona Blue Water Farms off the Kona Coast of the Big Island.  Since I try in vain to ignore the fact that the sushi we typically go out for is likely not wild, it was pleasing to know that this particular farm prides itself on not depleting wild fisheries or harming the ocean environment.  It even states on the Kona Blue website that their fish is “high in Omega-3 fatty acids and free of detectable mercury.”

Environmentally friendly, healthy, and from the look of the fish, incredible quality … but we still had to test it out to confirm.  With my husband wielding the sushi chef knife, we had beautiful nigiri and fresh rolls in minutes.  The room filled with deep moans of pleasure as we each took our first bite, concurring that this was the freshest fish that any of us had ever tasted.  The buttery texture was smooth and pleasing, while the taste was incredibly mild, and not the least bit “fishy.”  I have enjoyed many a sushi restaurants in both San Francisco and Vancouver, yet this was by far the best yellowtail I had ever tasted.

Kona Blue Kampachi Yellowtail

The quantities they ship in may still be a little large for my two-person household.  But since you can purchase by the pound, Kona Blue’s Kampachi yellowtail is perfect for sushi parties or a special meal among larger families.  The price is quite fair as well, since we only had a small strip with bones that wasn’t usable.  The amount we received (just shy of three pounds) made an incredible amount, enough to serve eight people with ease.  While we had a small selection of dishes for a varied spread at our party, preparing this yellowtail as sashimi with just a salad or edamame accompaniment is all that you would need for the perfect sushi meal.

I originally wrote the above review for Fit Fare, but couldn't resist posting it up here for other sushi loving, dairy-free dieters!

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