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My family and I recently had the chance to try four Victoria Vegan sauces (they offer several more), and we enjoyed them all.

Victoria Vegan Sauces - dairy-free alfredo sauces and creamy red sauces (Review)

I am still shaking my head in amazement that I can buy jarred dairy-free Alfredo sauce that everyone in my family will eat.

The first night we tried the Victoria Vegan Original Alfredo and the Vegan Vodka Sauces. I made quick Italian sausage meatballs (would be great with vegan meatballs, too!), browning them before adding the Vegan Vodka Sauce. I served the Alfredo simply with some pasta for taste-testing.

Victoria Vegan Sauces Article

We liked the cashew-based Alfredo straight but Scott and I thought it would be especially good with some primavera-style vegetables. The bit of leftover Alfredo sauce made a great pizza topping the following night!

Another night we tried the White Bean Marinara and the Artichoke Vegan Alfredo Sauce with some leftovers. The White Bean Marinara has an acidic tang from the tomatoes, but the creamy white beans balances it out. The chunks of artichoke marry well with the Alfredo in the Artichoke Vegan Alfredo Sauce, which I think would be great with seafood.

Our favorite of all the Victoria Vegan sauces was the Vegan Vodka Sauce. It is so flavorful and rich. It actually reminded us of the sauce often used for lamb meatballs on Indian restaurant buffets. The same level of complexity and richness of flavor, if not the exact seasonings. The Vegan Vodka Sauce could easily be used in a variety of recipes.

Victoria Vegan Sauces - dairy-free alfredo sauces and creamy red sauces (Review)

The Facts on Victoria Vegan Sauces

Price: $8.99 for red sauces $7.99 for white sauces

Certifications: Victoria Vegan Sauces are Certified Vegan, Non-GMO Certified, and Certified Kosher (I believe it is pareve).

Special Diet Information: By ingredients, Victoria Vegan Sauces are vegan, vegetarian, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and peanut-free. Some of the sauces are made without soy and/or nuts. Nonetheless, check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

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Hard to believe they are dairy-free

4.0 rating
April 4, 2019

My family loved these delicious, ready-made creamy red sauces and Alfredo sauces. Even the dairy-eaters in my family found It impossible to believe they were dairy-free. The vodka sauce was the hands down favorite with its bold, rich flavor. The alfredos were well liked, but had a notable tang present that limited their versatility.


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  1. We love the Alfredo Red Pepper Sauce. It was great as a spread on our grilled zucchini sandwiches. Exceptional on almost anything that you can imagine. The flavor is robust and the creamy texture never breaks form. Thank you for making such a fabulous vegan sauce.

  2. Have you tried using the Victoria’s Vegan alfredo sauce to make lasagna? I just put one together gluten free, dairy free, and with ground turkey. I’m wondering if anyone else has a good recipe.