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Nogürt Yogurt Alternative

Posted on by Alisa Fleming in Alternatives - Other Dairy with 4 Comments

If I had to pick the biggest dairy-free food buzz for 2008, it would be yogurt.  That tummy taming food was in the media more times last year than Paris Hilton, and milk-free manufacturers have been working hard to come out with options for those who are milk allergic, lactose challenged, or otherwise adverse to cow’s milk products.  First came the soy-based options … followed by a shameful departure from the dairy-free community by O’Soy, which was luckily replaced by a better brand … then came the rice-based versions, and the newly popular coconut-based versions … but wait!  There is more.  Just when you thought yogurt had reached its boundaries, Nogürt arrived on the scene with a unique blend of ingredients and those same probiotic benefits.

I had the opportunity to sample the blueberry, orange, and pomegranate Nogürt flavors, though it also comes in banana cinnamon (oooh, that one sounds good!) and chocolate.  Each little 6-ounce snack is certified organic, vegan, and despite the listing of oat flakes in the ingredients, they do make the gluten-free claim.  Check it out for yourself if gluten-free is a concern (see below for the company's feedback on gluten-free).  Also, Nogürt contains 4 live and active probiotics (those tummy tamers!). Now how about the taste?

Organic Blueberry: This cheerful purple-blue flavor lacked the traditional tang of yogurt, with “sweet” being the first word that emerged from my lips following my initial spoonful.  It was certainly tasty, but more of a dessert in my book than something I could dive into first thing in the morning. The texture was very unique, but pleasant.  It was thick and rich, yet not creamy in the traditional sense of yogurt.  It had a definite fruit feel that I would describe as a cross between cow’s milk yogurt and smooth applesauce. However, I was told by the folks at Nogurt: “… our food scientist has actually adjusted the preparation procedure to make it more creamy (no new ingredients or adjustments other than method of preparation).” So it seems new batches will be slightly different from, and creamier than, the one I sampled. (I was really hungry when I sampled this one, so sorry, no picture!)

Organic Orange: The Orange Nogurt instantly won me over.  The tang of the orange gave it a natural vibe, which counteracted the sugary sweetness I tasted in the blueberry, for a wonderful flavor experience.  The texture was the same, mostly smooth, but not what I would call creamy.  Unable to resist an afternoon smoothie, I did save half the container to whip up a cool blend.  For a Double Orange-Cinnamon Smoothie, blend the orange Nogurt with 1 peeled orange, 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon, and some ice; yum! If I were to spot Nogurt in my local store, this is the flavor I would reach for. (Note on the picture below: The Nogurt was shipped by air to me, so the little containers were warped a bit from the air pressure changes)

Nogurt Organic Orange Yogurt Alternative

Organic Pomegranate: Unfortunately, I believe something went awry with the pomegranate batch.  It seemed to be going for the same sweet, slightly fruity, flavor that the blueberry achieved, yet the texture was extremely thick and incredibly pasty.  While I never have a problem finishing off just about anything, I had to stop on this one (used the rest for baking, no need for waste!), as the thick, pasty-mouth feel overpowered not only the texture, but also the flavor, and was just not palatable. Considering how smooth the other two flavors were, I think this was just a bad batch that was accidentally loaded with extra arrowroot flour … so I wouldn't hesitate to give it another go with a new batch. If you think I am exaggerating … stick a spoon in it …

Nogurt Organic Pomegranate Yogurt Alternative


Organic Nogurt is labeled as “No Eggs, No Nuts, No Dairy, No Soy, No GMO,” but what it does contain is (for the orange flavor, others are similar): Water, Cassava Syrup, Banana Puree, Oat Flour Flakes, Orange Juice Concentrate, Arrowroot Flour, Orange Flavor, Probiotis, DHA Algal Oil.


  • Relative to most soy-based and coconut-based yogurts, Nogurt is the low fat, dairy-free yogurt that so many of you have been seeking with just 1 to 2.5g of fat per serving. However, the calories seemed steep to me, weighing in at 180 to 240 calories per 6-ounce package, depending on the flavor.
  • No stirring required, period. This stuff is ready for snacking as soon as you peel back the lid.

Gluten Free

After I posted this review up, the people at Nogurt sent the following info on the topic of gluten-free:

"Your article raises one issue of concern related to whether Nogurt is truthfully gluten free (as it has oats) which I did want to address. Our products are not just claimed to be gluten free.  We are proudly certified as such by the GFCO, which is a division of Gluten Intolerance Group, the only national association promoting the cause of those suffering from Celiac Disease.  The GFCO offers companies the voluntary ability to certify a product as gluten free.  While the FDA allows 20ppm gluten by self-testing to make a claim as gluten free, the GFCO's standard is 10ppm gluten and only by independent laboratory testing. Because being independently certified as gluten free is imperative to us, every flavor of Nogurt has been independently tested by the GFCO (and is done so quarterly at a minimum), and registers as negative for gluten — meaning that we are below 3ppm gluten, which is the current scientific minimal limit to picking-up a reading on gluten in a product.  We would be happy to share the test results with you if you would like, or you can contact the GFCO as to what their certfication means."

Where to Purchase

Nogürt is manufactured by Rich and Wholesome Foods in Boulder, Colorado, and it should gradually be popping up on store shelves.  To find out how to get it in your local area, contact the folks at Nogürt via their website: www.nogurt.com.

This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook.  For more information and to purchase this product, see the Nogurt website.

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Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living


  1. kate iwuohaJanuary 3, 2013 at 4:46 amReply

    Plz help. My son is allergic to everything and not gaining weight as he should am running out of wh. To feed him.

    • Alisa FlemingJanuary 3, 2013 at 7:34 amReplyAuthor

      Kate, see the information and recipe sections on this site and Go Dairy Free the book for more help. This page might also help you – http://www.godairyfree.org/ask-alisa/ask-alisa-i-am-too-thin-how-can-i-prevent-further-weight-loss-on-a-dairy-free-diet. There are over 5000 pages of content here, so poke around!

    • Ann BrewerMarch 5, 2013 at 8:00 amReply

      Hi Kate,
      Sorry to hear about the allergy difficulties of your son. Some people with multiple allergies actually have an eosinophil related immune disorder. It used to be fairly rare, but is becoming more prevalent (or more diagnosed). You might want to check out the APFED (American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders) website for more information. My son was diagnosed at Cincinnati Children’s with eosinophilic gastroenteritis/colitis at 13 mo.; he is now 11 and doing great!
      Ann B.

    • C AdamsMay 19, 2013 at 4:33 amReply

      Read up on Leaky Gut syndrome. Try the diets recommended for this condition and see if he improves. Also read “Clean Gut” by Alejandro Junger, MD. My sons had food allergies too, so I can relate. Good luck!

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