Sweetriot Flavor 70


Rosa Li, Sugar Savvy ~ Dark chocolate covered espresso beans are one of my favorite candies, so I thought I’d enjoy SweetRiot’s Flavor 70, roasted cacao nibs covered in 70% dark chocolate with a hint of espresso. And fortunately, I did.

The cacao nibs were smaller and not as crunchy as I imagined. I thought they’d be the size of espresso beans, but they’re much smaller and unevenly sized and shaped. The chocolate covering was dark, glossy, and slightly sweet with a bitter coffee tinge. The nibs are small and softly crunchy (if that makes any sense). Unlike roasted espresso beans, they don’t get gritty and stuck in your teeth, which is nice.

I also like the decorative tin the nibs come in. It’s great for slipping in your purse or pocket for a quick chocolate fix. And the tiny size of the nibs forces me to slow down and really savor the chocolate.

I love the taste and packaging of the SweetRiot nibs. My only issue is the price. My review sample was free; otherwise it’s $40 for a case of 12 on their website, which makes them rather pricey. I’m going to hang onto my tin for refilling, in the hopes that SweetRiot will someday sell their nibs in little bags or tubs.

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