Dairy-Free Destinations: A Tasty Travel Guide

Welcome to our new dairy free travel section! You’ve got your food routine down – go-to meal recipes, a kitchen full of conveniences, and a mental list of local restaurants that cater to special diet requests. But venturing out need not be frustrating.

Over the years, Tony and I have learned to turn weekend trips and extended vacations into destination hunts. I plot a day or two around visiting shops and restaurants that go out of their way for those of us who are dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, or have other free-from food needs. We seek out lodging with amenities and focus on non-food activities to burn off those extra vacation splurges. And at last, we’re putting it together into dairy free travel guides! This section will grow, so check back, comment with your own recommendations on the destination posts, and feel free to email us with requests.

The Dairy-Free Destinations: