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Soymilk is becoming so mainstream that it has become common to find not only an ample supply of flavors (even in some small or obscure stores), but also several companies are now making single serve packages. I even spotted some of these individual servings in a convenience store!  Of course, in the past (in the U.S. at least) milk and soymilk products were mostly refrigerated luxurious.  But these days we are finally catching onto the benefits of shelf-stable beverages.

Vitasoy Single Serve SoymilksVitasoy has long been a contender in the soymilk market, and is well known for their broad organic soy-based product line.  Yet, it wasn’t until recently that they saw fit to jump into the single serve market with their own shelf-stable line of organic soymilks.  Unlike their competitors, these beverages can be resealed after opening (of course, you must refrigerate them at that point!).  They come in the old standby trio of flavors, plain, vanilla, and chocolate.

Soymilk isn’t a top contender in our home these days due to a soy intolerance in the family.  However, I couldn’t resist giving these new products a trial, since the Vitasoy line is well known for quality.  I wasn’t disappointed.  All three flavors are wonderfully creamy, and on par with the fat levels of good quality, regular soymilks. Since I pretty much always purchase unsweetened milk alternatives, even the plain variety with just 5g of sugar per 8oz serving tasted like a bit of a treat, but certainly not over the top sweet.  I was glad that the vanilla wasn’t too much higher in sugar (just 9g) as some vanilla flavors can be a bit sickeningly sweet in my opinion.  Of course, the chocolate variety was sweetened quite a bit more, but it is chocolate “milk” after all!

For those kids who don’t or can’t drink milk, but do tolerate soy, these are an excellent pack along option for school (ready to take over the lunchbox space that was formerly occupied by milk) or when buzzing around town.

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  1. Are all soy milk products lactose free. I just found out I am intolerant. I also wonder how effective the enzyme pills are for eating dairy?

    • Hi Kyle, in theory, all soymilk products should be dairy-free and lactose-free, but there are no guarantees with anything! Check the label – if there is no milk/dairy listed, then it should be lactose-free. The enzyme pills work for some, not for others. How lactose intolerant you are will also determine how many of the pills you need to take for which types of foods – it’s a balancing act!

  2. I cook a lot at home and used to use dairy by the gallon. I now use almond milk and sometime dairy free butter. What I think is really funny though, is that I often run low on the butter. I tried using corn oil cup for cup for butter in cooking and baking and it is delicious! Even my dairy eating friends commented how good my cakes are! Corn oil now has a permanent place in my pantry!

    • Whether or not it is “safe” for your allergy needs is always your call, no matter the product. Like most brands of milk alternative, it is probably made on equipment that is also used to process dairy – hence the “D” after the OU symbol. Most dairy alternative companies practice strict cleaning processes between batches, but as with any food, if trace amounts of milk are a concern, you should contact the company directly to help decide on your comfort level.

  3. I am lactose intolerant and i eat ceral dry. i was wondering where i can get cheeseless pizzas i cant find them anywhere

  4. I am so glad I came upon this website. I have to be on a low iodine diet for a thyroid scan. I cannot have milk products, iodized salt, butter and a lot of things :-(. I was looking for a bread recipe for my bread machine and behold you have a great recipe!!! I also got a lot of other tips that might help me survive this diet. I thank you so very much 🙂

    • Bhavna – You’ll need to click through this review to the company’s website to see their store locator or contact them directly if they don’t have one.

  5. nabila salmah on

    I’m from Indonesia, very glad found this page. Wonderful website, this is helpful me because I have a child who’s dairy allergic.