Nana’s (JUMBO) No Gluten Cookies – Lemon


Sweet, but not too sweet, this seriously lemon cookie is the ultimate accompaniment to afternoon tea.  I opened the package to a potent lemon scent that was quite delightful.  From the aroma I did expect a flavor overload.  Luckily, the pronounced lemon flavor was mellowed by the wonderfully sweet flavor of the overall cookie.  

Nana's No Gluten Lemon Cookie

The texture is a cross between a shortbread cookie and a moist, dense cookie (such as molasses).  Not to be mistaken with its glutinous cousins, a distinct gluten-free texture is noted in Nana’s Lemon Cookie.  I could easily detect the familiar feel of brown rice flour.  Oddly enough, as someone who frequently consumes baked goods made with brown rice flour, the first bite is always a shock to me, and then I find myself preferring the melt-in your mouth, doughy, flour-like texture.  

Lemon No Gluten Cookie

The extra-large size of this cookie looks remarkably similar to Grandma’s “Homestyle” Cookies found in quick-e-marts across America.  Luckily, the endearing Nana takes quality to a new level.  All of Nana’s cookies are free of refined sugars, dairy, eggs (vegan), hydrogenated oils, and salt.  As noted, the lemon cookie is also free of gluten and soy.  

Though it is sweetened with only fruit juice, the granulated stuff is not missed in this cookie.  In fact, the fruit flavors meld perfectly with the lemon.  Speaking of lemon, I was pleasantly surprised to see the little Vitamin C bonus in this cookie (20% of the RDA in the whole cookie), though the calories would promote indulging in one serving, or just a half a cookie at a time.

Where to Purchase:  Nana's products are sold in stores throughout the U.S., most notaby in Whole Foods stores (now to include Wild Oats).  You can also order direct from Nana's Healthy Crowd website.

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