Learning to Bake Allergen-Free: A Crash Course Cookbook

Colette Martin

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On November 30, 2012
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From one busy mom to another, this attractive guide and cookbook covers all of the time-tested advice and shortcuts you will need to get started with gluten-free and allergy-friendly baking.

Earlier this week, I gave you a teaser Coffeecake recipe from Colette Martin’s cookbook, Learning to Bake Allergen-Free. But, since we are smack-dab in the middle of baking season, I realized a full review was probably in order.

Learning to Bake Allergen-Free is definitely a unique find. It has a beautiful, full-color layout, with a smattering of recipe photos to entice. But professional looks aside, this is a down and dirty guide from one allergy mom to another. It is filled (and I mean filled!) to the brim with tips, how to’s, and explanations for baking without key ingredients, including eggs, gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts.

Since it is a baking book, Colette does a very thorough job in covering gluten-free techniques for making everything from Basic Dinner Rolls to Chocolate Croissants. And though she offers some quick, homemade gluten-free baking mixes, Colette makes no secret of the fact that she embraces convenience. She has trialed every gluten-free baking mix on the market, she won’t hesitate to use egg replacers or dairy alternatives, and she tells you which ones are best and how to use them in recipes.

As a busy mom, Colette also keeps the recipes in Learning to Bake Allergen-Free pretty darn simple. I love this! Not only are they easy and relatively quick to make, but it also means you can use the recipes as a “guide” for creating your own spins. Truth be told, I haven’t made one of her recipes exactly as written, but did whip up an Oatmeal Apple Crisp that was inspired by a combination of her Mixed Berry Crumble and Apple-Raisin Filling recipes. Needless to say, it was sweet and comforting.

Oatmeal Apple Crisp Recipe - Like an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie!

Dietary Notes: All of the recipes in Learning to Bake Allergen-Free are gluten-free (that means no wheat!), dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, and nut-free. Consequently, I would consider this a vegan-friendly cookbook. Any recipes that utilize honey, for example, could be made vegan with a simple agave swap. Since the tricky stuff, like eggs, is omitted, I think it could be a very practical tool for new gluten-free vegans.

Learning to Bake Allergen-Free: A Crash Course for Busy Parents on Baking without Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Soy or Nuts

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  1. Darn, didn’t realize it was free of all that other stuff too, i wonder if it’s too late to get it on my Christmas list? I also wonder if it’s free of garbanzo bean flour and oats and quinoa but that’s another question entirely. 🙂

  2. Colette, your book is fabulous! I was never any good at baking anyways, but your book helps me to bake for my allergies and still make delicious food! Thank you! 🙂

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