UnDiet: Look Better, Feel Better, and Live Better Every Day


When I first met Meghan she had just begun blogging as “The Healthy Cookie.” As one of her “first viewers,” I’ve enjoyed watching her transition into her nutrition blog, Making Love in the Kitchen, and settle on her current aptly named website, Meghan Telpner.

These days, Meghan is well-known by many. Her energetic and inspired personality is nearly impossible to miss. She keeps herself quite busy as a certified nutritionist, culinary educator, and more recently, book author. UnDiet: The Shiny, Happy, Vibrant, Gluten-Free, Plant-Based Way to Look Better, Feel Better, and Live Better Each and Every Day! (whew! let’s just call it UnDiet – okay?) is Meghan’s new title, and it definitely exudes her enthusiasm.

UnDiet Book by Meghan Telpner - Foundations

The UnDiet is part cookbook, part health guide, and part self-help, all shared with Meghan’s witty and very open personality. She isn’t afraid to say or discuss anything, something you may have already noticed if you’ve followed Meghan’s blog.

UnDiet Book by Meghan Telpner - Text Sample

I think what I liked best about the UnDiet is that it isn’t just an “eat this, don’t eat that” kind of book. Meghan discusses everything from food additives to hydration in great detail. She covers essential nutrients, conquering cravings, natural beauty, proper digestion, good sleep habits, maintaining a healthy home, exercise, etc. – everything she could think of that would encourage a happy and healthy lifestyle.

UnDiet Book by Meghan Telpner - Kicking the Cravings

UnDiet Details

The chapters include:

  1. Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health
  2. The UnDiet Foundations
  3. Start Sipping
  4. Just Eat Real Food
  5. Making Love in the Kitchen
  6. Raised in a Barn?
  7. Kicking the Cravings?
  8. There is No “Away”
  9. A Touch of au Naturel
  10. Love What You Do and Do It with Love

UnDiet Book by Meghan Telpner - Making Love in the Kitchen

At the end, there is also an UnDiet Meal Plan, which highlights recipes from the book. Sample recipe titles include:

  • Almond Power Cookies
  • Meghan’s No-Longer Secret Tomato Sauce
  • Blue-Green Power Smoothie
  • One-Pot Stir-Fry
  • Spiced Apple-Carrot Muffins
  • Herbal Mocha Latte

UnDiet Book by Meghan Telpner - Mocha Latte Recipe

Dietary Notes

Though Meghan isn’t strictly vegan, all of the recipes in UnDiet are vegan, vegetarian, egg-free, and gluten-free. Soy is used very sparingly (i.e. tamari), and I didn’t spot any peanut recipes. Though Meghan does use nuts in some recipes, I should emphasize that this is not a recipe book, it is a diet book. About 80 to 90% of the book is text, not recipes, and the information suits almost any special diet need.

UnDiet Book by Meghan Telpner

The UnDiet is available to purchase on Amazon.

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A surprise

Rated 5 out of 5
June 17, 2020

Rarely do I read a book that is filled with such enthusiasm. This isn’t a diet plan, it’s a lifestyle guide. From recipes to natural skincare, personal health to social well-being, Meghan covers all of the feel good bases. Honestly, it wasn’t what I was expecting, but it is a nice diversion with useful inspiration.

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Alisa Fleming

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