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Peach Pie Ice Cream

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There may be few desserts as “American as apple pie,” but hot out of the oven and redolent of warm spices, this pastry was clearly designed as an autumnal treat from the start. Just as we scream for ice cream, summer screams for cooler, more refreshing sweets. Taking advantage of the juicy ripe peaches flooding the marketplace and leaving the cold storage apples be, Peach Pie Ice Cream strikes the perfect balance between classic Americana and frosty satisfaction. Pieces of tender, buttery pie crust are woven throughout a creamy peach base, with splashes of bright peach jam in every bite.

Peach Pie Ice Cream Recipe - Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free

While complex in flavor, the preparation of this peach pie ice cream is anything but complicated. If you can prepare a cooked custard, you can whip up this base in a flash. Minimize the heat in your kitchen by using a toaster oven to bake the crust pieces, or opt for a ready-made crust in a pinch. No one will be the wiser when they taste this fool-proof combination.

Peach Pie Ice Cream - Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gltuen-Free, Soy-Free

If peaches aren’t your top pick for summer produce, an equal measure of apricots, plums, or even cherries could be seamlessly substituted. Just like a traditional slice of pie, you can’t go wrong no matter what fruity flavor you choose.

In case you were craving a family-style, fork and plate sort of dessert, this peach pie ice cream formula is easily converted into an actual frozen pie, too. Pre-bake and cool a pie crust in a 9-inch round pie pan, and omit the cinnamon-sugar pie crust from the ice cream base. Immediately after churning, spoon the soft ice cream directly into the crust, swirling the peach jam throughout. Let it rest in the freezer to solidify for at least 6 hours before serving, to achieve the cleanest slices. Top with coconut whipped cream, fresh peach slices, or sprigs of mint for a dose of extra flair.


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  1. HeatherJuly 17, 2013 at 12:16 pmReply

    Awesome recipe! I can’t wait to try it. Just wondering if there is a substitute for coconut milk that you can recommend for someone with allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts, sunflower seeds, coconut and fish? Is there a soy alternative that will work?


    • HannahJuly 18, 2013 at 6:28 amReply

      Hi Heather! While there aren’t any substitutes that are quite as rich as coconut milk, plain soy creamer does come pretty close and can work nicely in this recipe. Just bear in mind that it may turn out harder to scoop than the original formula, and if you don’t have a problem with alcohol, you may wish to add in a tablespoon or two of vodka to keep it a bit softer. Enjoy!

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