Incredible September “How To” Recipes


Deciding on the theme for this month’s Best of the Blogs Round-Up was no challenge.  The number of “how to” posts I stumbled across (especially when compared to the summer months) was staggering.  Cherry picking a few that caught my eye, the chosen collection seems to be as diverse as it is delicious.  From greek-style soy yogurt to homemade candy corn (you heard me!) the blogging talent I uncovered was nothing short of amazing….

Greek-Style Soy Yogurt or Soy Cheese – Susan, the Fat Free Vegan Goddess (okay, I added the goddess part, but she is fully deserving), has whipped up yet another amazing homemade creation.  Follow her step-by-step instructions and photos to transform that ordinary soy yogurt (store-bought of the Susan’s recipe) into something special…

Greek-Style Vegan Yogurt


Maple Walnut Sheaf of Wheat Bread – Preparing for the Canadian Thanksgiving, and giving us a head-start on planning American Thanksgiving, Bryanna Clark Grogan (author of the Vegan Feast Kitchen and countless cookbooks), walks you through the rolling and rising to create this wonderful centerpiece…er… I mean bread!

Bryanna's Sheaf


Vegan Candy Corn – The editors from Bon Appetit came up with a homemade candy corn recipe, but their version used butter and dry milk powder.  The adventurous Urban Housewife veganized the little treats and even made Mellowcreme Pumpkins … Will someone give this woman an award?!

Candy Corn


Fixing a Goof – This was an interesting one.  The Gluten Free Cooking School uses a new Gluten-Free Drop Biscuit recipe to give a real world account of how to fix a good in baking.

Gluten-Free Drop Biscuits


Roasted Tomato Sauce – The full post title is “How to Make a Big Batch of Roasted Tomato Sauce to Store for the Winter.”  So grab a big bag of fresh in-season tomatoes and head over to Sarah Caron’s blog, Cucina Bella for some instructions on making enough to store for those out-of-season months ahead.

Roasted Tomatoes

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