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Thanks to Nancy for emailing this recommendation of Bob Evans Restaurant:

Bob Evans in Lexington KY was absolutely wonderful. Attributes included: the server knew what to suggest, the server checked it out with the chef, the chef cleaned the grill before cooking (I had salmon & broccoli).

This restaurant chain was born out of the Bob Evans Farm in southeastern Ohio, and the restaurants are still serving a full farm-style menu today. However, the restaurants were sold off to a capital group in 2017. They are now operated separately from the original Bob Evans Food brand.

They offer detailed allergen information on their website for the top allergens, gluten, sulfites, and MSG. So it appears that all locations do their best to be allergy-friendly. Though Bob Evans has many dairy items, they do offer several selections on their dinner, lunch and breakfast menus (according to their website) that do not contain milk of any kind. Just be warned that their allergen menu does have a “build your own” style, which could make ordering off the menu complicated.

If the allergen menu link above breaks, please kindly let us know in the comments. The one that we’ve linked to here was updated on January 30, 2018.

Bob Evans Restaurants - offer a great traditional American farm-style menu and they offer detailed allergen information

Where to Find Bob Evans Restaurant

These home-style restaurants are located primarily in the East North Central, mid-Atlantic and Southern United States. See their website below for locations, phone numbers, hours, and full menus.


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  1. I ate at a Bob Evans tonight in Powell, OH, after reviewing their allergen menu. The server had no idea what to suggest, did not have a copy of the allergen menu on site- and ended up serving me a hamburger with the bun slathered in butter. This was after I told her I was allergic to dairy. Not a good experience!

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