Philz Coffee is the Spot for Custom Brews and Dairy-Free Food


Philz Coffee was originally recommended to me by my good friend Hannah. She lives in the Bay Area, where this coffeehouse started, and raves about their Mint Mojito Iced Coffee. Hannah has an amazing ability to find special vegan-friendly spots, so I wasn’t surprised to see more Philz Coffee shops pop up. They now have locations throughout northern and southern California and in Washington DC. And I would bet that more are on the way.

Philz Coffee creates custom blends and serves dairy-free and vegan food and drink options

Ample Dairy-Free and Vegan Food Choices

The food and drink menus can vary a little bit by region, but each Philz Coffee seems to have a good selection of dairy-free and vegan options.

Their “handmade” food menu usually includes vegan Almond Butter & Jam Toast and dairy-free Avocado Toasts and Energy Bowls (with eggs). Many locations also sell vegan donuts, often from Pepples in the Bay Area. And you might find vegan pumpkin chocolate chip bread, vegan brownies, or gluten-free toast at your local shop.

Philz Coffee creates custom blends and serves dairy-free and vegan food and drink options

But What About the Coffee?

We’ve been told that most Philz Coffee shops have dairy-free almond milk and soymilk for customizing your own vegan lattes and mochas. But we’ve also heard that the coffee is so good, you might want to enjoy it black sometimes.

Because Philz isn’t just a coffee shop. They actually manage the entire chain of production, from bean to cup. They source their beans from around the world, roast them at their roasting plant in Oakland, California, and then brew each order “one cup at a time.” Their custom blends range from two to seven different beans from around the globe, and they offer single origin coffees and seasonal blends.

In store, you can buy their custom coffee blends by the bag, and they also sell tea and spices. If you don’t live near a Philz Coffee, then you can order it online. They also sell gifts and coffee subscription services.

Philz Coffee creates custom blends and serves dairy-free and vegan food and drink options

Where to Find Philz Coffee

They have numerous shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Washington D.C. And we spotted a new location emerging in Virginia. See the website below for addresses and hours.


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