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Who would have ever thought that I would be posting recommendations for a chain entitled "The Cheesecake Factory" on Go Dairy Free. But, in fact, I have received numerous positive emails about this restaurant. Here are some emails we have received …

Thank you to Go Dairy Free viewer Mia for emailing in this recommendation:

"I went to the Cheesecake Factory over the weekend in Charlotte, and when I talked to the waiter about my restrictive diet, he brought out a menu that lists all of the allergens and options on how to exclude some of these allergens on each menu item.  The menus are available nationwide and is absolute genius!  Wanted to share so that CF could be added to the allergy friendly restaurant list!!"

Thank you to Go Dairy Free viewer Betsy for emailing in this recommendation:

"I have eaten at 2 locations since being dairy-free, Minneapolis and Omaha.  Both locations were very gracious about accomodating my requests that my food be prepared dairy-free.  I had Herb Crusted Salmon without the sauce (lemon-butter).  The meal comes with asparagus and mashed potatoes.  I didn't feel like vetting how they prepare mashed potatoes, so I asked if I could sub another vegetable.  I selected broccoli.  I asked for no butter on the veggies, for olive oil at the table.  The meal was delicious.  Since I do not need to be concerned with cross-contamination, I did not ask about it.  I have also had dairy-free smoothies there, delicious.  The wait staff at both locations was very gracious about answering my questions.  Oh, and they have fresh strawberries for dessert, on the menu!  Large, sweet.  I do not miss the cheesecake when I can eat like this!"

I have also eaten at one location in Las Vegas, and had an equally pleasant experience. 

See their website for menus and locations. 


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  1. linda ungerleider on

    Dairy free need is not a trend. Its an affliction. Settling for brocolli and strawberries is not the solution. A friend of mine makes a non dairy cheesecake that looks and tastes like the famous new york style real deal and not like some that tastes like the box they come in. I have been to non dairy restaurants where the food is even better because instead of dairy they use and know how to prepare with all the new alternatives. Its time to act out like gluten free patients and demand choices not limitations. Please join me in this effort. I have approached 60 minutes. Would you out there join me? Linda Ungerleider…at

  2. Just so you are aware the Cheesecake Factory no longer will provide an allergy menu. My fiancee couldn’t eat anything at the restaurant because they refused to tell her if any items included soy which she is allergic to.

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